a brief interlude

We took advantage of the long weekend to beat it out of town. The Easter break means that there are no dance classes, music lessons or rehearsals of any kind to drive to kids to (is the proper grammar – to which to drive the children??? Sounds weird either way Lol).

Although it has snowed twice since we have been here (in April!!) the sun is shining! A walk along the beach listening to the clack of the rocks and the roar of the waves is just so relaxing. As a child I spent hours on that beach just watching and listening and hanging out.

I wanted to share a quick moment with you. Happy Easter!

opening night

Since we have moved home, my 15 year old son has made St. John’s home, as they say here, “in jig time”. I always knew he was a Newfoundlander at heart, but watching him soak up all the wonderful musical influences here has been incredible to watch. Check out this post I did about him on his birthday last fall.

Many of these opportunities he would not have if we still lived in Ottawa. He is learning to play the Double Bass with hopes of making it into the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Orchestra next year. He has been volunteering with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and has had the opportunity to see several symphony concerts this year (and LOVED them). He has joined every possible musical group/event at school and spends every single afternoon at school – loving every minute.


Sigh. I’m one happy mama about all this. Mostly because I am seeing his confidence grow.

Back in December he auditioned for a musical and I cautioned him about his expectations at the time. I know that a lot of the kids auditioning have a lot of musical theatre experience and I didn’t want him to be disappointed if he didn’t make it. We were together having brunch when he got the phone call asking him to be Evan – the Lead Role in the musical. Talk about thrilled!!

Seeing his dedication to this group and the incredible friendships he has formed so quickly with the cast, is so amazing. He regularly comes home from rehearsal and gets on the computer to Oovoo with them all again (Oovoo is a video chat if you didn’t know – I didn’t know until recently). Obviously spending 3 hours together on a Sat afternoon is not enough. I asked him the other day if there were a few people that he felt he really connected with and he said, “Mom, they are all really cool.” He is so fortunate to be part of the group. And even if that sounds cliché, I could not mean it more.

Tonight is opening night. I’m bringing a few tissues in my pockets just in case I get a little teary. That’s understandable for a Mom who wants the best for her son, I think. Best wishes to a wonderful cast and huge thanks to Best Kind Productions for choosing him to be part of this
Tickets are still available. You can call the LSPU Hall at 753-4531 or online at http://rca.nf.ca