lunch time yoga


Guess what I did at lunch this past Wednesday? I did yoga on Parliament Hill! What a fabulous idea to do Yoga outside and in such a great and central location! As I stepped out of my office building just before noon, I joined in with several groups of people toting Yoga Mats too, heading north to the Hill. The class is free for anyone to join and when I arrived, the lawn was already packed. (Notice the stage was already set up for Canada Day – not so great for the photo op, but exciting for Canada Day ). The clock in the Peace Tower struck twelve at the beginning of the class and the bells starting singing.


It was a great class. I didn’t hear the name of the instructor, but she ran a quasi Bikram class.  (A Bikram class is always 90 mins but she had to adjust it to fit in the alloted 60 mins). Normally Bikram is done in a heated room and considering how HOT it was outside, that was perfect. You know when you are walking on a beach on a hot day and your feet almost burn when you step onto new sand?  When I would adjust positions, my yoga mat was so hot, my feet had to adjust to the heat!  I did love that warm feeling though – and getting back to Yoga was so wonderful.  I have already scouted out a Yoga place I want to try in St John’s.  Things have been so crazy, we have lost any semblance of a schedule.  I’m looking forward to some everyday things again like Yoga and cooking regular meals (instead of dashing out of the house at supper time for a showing).


bus dancing

My headset broke a few weeks back. I would plug it into my phone and the sound would still come out of the regular speakers instead of through the headset and everyone else could hear my music instead of me. I have used the headset LOADS, so they didn’t owe me anything but it took me a couple of weeks to get around to buying a new pair. So it was radio silence on the bus for a while and that started to get monotonous. Bored with my no music status to and from work, I finally dashed over to the Rideau Centre at lunch one day and picked up some new bad boys to rock out with.

When the tunes started on the bus with my newly purchased headset, it was like a novel experience all over again! The fact that I hadn’t been listening to music for a while combined with a few new music selections to get me grooving, resulted in me wanting to DANCE!

Now, I don’t know about your bus, but my bus is very quiet. Most people don’t even talk so it is very somber. And here I was listening to my new playlist on my new headphones and I REALLY wanted to stand up and groove out! I mean, I really wanted to just move. I’m not sure where this desire came from, but I was overcome with this urge to dance.

I would like to tell you I didn’t let my inhibitions get the most of me. And that I was like those people on Ellen that dance behind people’s backs or while waiting at a bus stop. But I JUST COULDN’T DO IT (that’s the anti-Nike slogan lol).

Instead, I am going to impart my “bus-dancing playlist” to you, in the hopes that If you feel so inclined – YOU can dance while on the bus, or in the mall or even in your kitchen (which is what I do).

Happy Dancing!!



**** word of warning****
I wouldn’t recommend you listen to the words or watch the video for Blurred Lines. Just listen to the music and groove. Don’t be hating me for lovin’ that song – dancing only LOL.

how to describe….


For a few weeks it seemed I had a lot to say, but I’ve been struggling to put pen to paper this week. The past several days have been absolutely wonderful.  I have seen lots of friends, had some great surprises and all-in-all had an incredible week spending time with Ottawa peeps.  I have been touched at the cards, the lovely sentiments, the people who took time out of their busy lives to come and see me/us.  Somehow, it has been more difficult to write about it all. I think I am a bit worried I just won’t be able to portray in words just how affected I have been by all the love and good wishes that have come my way.


To be fair, that’s a valid concern.  I don’t think there is any way I could say how much I have appreciated everything that has happened this week.  I have read each card given to me several times. What a great reminder of how much a greeting card can really, truly make someone’s day! And speaking of cards, my Stampin’ Up! “family” has spoiled me for sure.  One of my customer groups gave me a Pandora bracelet and the heart charm at our last class, and my SU peeps have been adding to it with thoughtful, lovely charms.  See the apropos daisy charm from my Sparkledaisy ladies?  I love the Rythm of Life charm too, along with owl and butterfly charms!  Plus my two girlfriends treated me to my favourite Vietnamese Pho tonight and gave me the lighthouse charm!!  How lucky am I???  WAY lucky!!20130625-214404.jpgNot lucky because of the charm bracelet (although i do adore it!!!).  Lucky because I have had the pleasure of knowing these people and having them in my life over the past years.  And although I know I am not being very eloquent in my blog post, please know that I have appreciated every gesture. Sending you all lots of love. And hope to see many of you in St John’s sometime.


It’s Ribfest on Sparks Street and in all my 19 years in Ottawa I had never been. I walked by earlier this week not realizing that it was happening, and when I saw all the “Ribbers” set up with their barbeques, colourful huge signs, yummy smells and long line-ups of people, I decided to convince my coworkers to join me on Friday to test out some ribs. I mean, now that we’re leaving Ottawa, I may never get to do this again! (how’s that for justification? )

So Friday was absolutely gorgeous. The amazing weather, combined with the beginning-of-summer feeling in the air, made it the perfect day for an outside lunch break. There was a carnival feel to Sparks Street with some of the vendors chanting from their booths filled with barbeque smoke and sizzling sounds. The line-ups moved quickly and before you knew it, we were holding a container of yummy goodness and heading to the nearest bench to indulge. I tried the ribs and my coworkers ordered the pulled pork sandwich. My ribs were delish but I think I liked the atmosphere even better than the food. So fun!

If you have time this weekend and are hungry, drop by Sparks Street!









welcoming two little babies


This is the plum tree in our backyard. For a couple of weeks we have been watching the mama bird fly around at dusk with food in her mouth and dive into the tree to deliver the goods. Tonight we got a good look into the tree to see the nest while mama was away. You can see two tiny little baby birds just waiting.

Welcome to the neighbourhood little ones.

birdsPS – click on the photo to make it bigger and see the birds closer!


while I’m waiting…


I’m at Gaia Java drinking a cold coffee drink, waiting while there is a showing at the house.  I normally don’t like sweet coffee drinks.  They always sound like a good idea when I am ordering them, and then I get one and have the same reaction – too sweet (really, you think I’d learn, but I keep trying them hehe).  But this time I tried again -my first cold coffee drink since the warm weather hit – and I have to tell you I LIKE it!

It is an Espresso Frappe and the cheerful barista made it half sweet with sugar free caramel flavouring.  (I know, the aspartame will kill me for sure, but there you go). It is so yummy and not sickly sweet like I usually find these types of beverages.

There are worst things than having to hang out in a cozy coffee shop.  Life is pretty good.

And if you are a coffee lover, Gaia Java makes wonderful coffee – they roast their own beans!  Plus they are locally owned which is a bonus. Worth the trip to Stittsville.

something horrible has happened

This is one of my favourite places in downtown Ottawa. I started getting coffee at Cafe Delice in April, and it is delicious coffee!! I drink my coffee black with no sugar and having my daily coffee is a calming ritual for me.

I have always considered myself a non-picky coffee drinker. As long as I have a coffee in hand, all is right in my world- regardless of what kind of coffee it is. Well last weekend we swung by the local donut shop for a joyous large cup of jo, and I was shocked to realize I wasn’t enjoying it as per usual.

What is happening?? Am I becoming a coffee snob? Say it ain’t so! After all – we have a long drive to NL this summer and I’m guessing the donut shop coffee is what we’ll be drinking. Maybe by the time we get to St John’s I’ll be used to it again.

In the meantime I am going to savor every last delicious drop from Cafe Delice! Yum!

What’s your favourite coffee and how do you take it?

that Heather really knows her stuff

Life has been extra busy as you can imagine, trying to fit everything in before we leave Ottawa. Phone calls to schools, eye, teeth and dog grooming appointments, among many other errands, are not always easy to fit in outside of working hours. So last week I took some time off work to check some of these items off my to-do list. Although I had super busy days making the most of my time off, one morning I was able to start the day slowly. It seemed like such a treat to slowly drink my coffee while watching Canada AM.

As luck would have it, Heather from Chapters/Indigo was on and was recommending summer reading. We always buy books for the kids when school is out in June and we had some Chapters gift cards to use, so I was making notes while she was on TV. Over the weekend, we dropped by and picked up two of the books she recommended for the kids.

The first one is The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. I bought this one for my 14 year old son. According to DS14 “it is about aliens”. That’s about all the details I got on this one.

the 5th wave

The second book is Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and I bought it for DD13.


Now I can’t personally recommend these books since I haven’t read them. But judging from the noses in the books around here, they are a hit. Heather had said on TV, that Eleanor and Park was about kids in Grade 8 and turns out, the characters are actually 16. So I think it is probably a bit old for DD13 but honestly I am just glad she is enjoying it. Also DD did say that E&P contains foul language, so if that bothers you, best steer clear.

Click HERE if you want to see all the books Heather recommended. My plan is to get Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald: A Novel of Zelda… for me before too long. Mama needs a book too!

Now back to my list. I have a pointe shoe fitting to schedule, school forms to fill out and closets to pack. But there is always time to fit in a book here and there.

What are you reading these days?

lovely lunch in Westboro


Recently I had an opportunity to go out to lunch with a friend and it felt like such a treat! I have wanted to try Petit Bill’s Bistro for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. The owners are from Newfoundland and they have won numerous awards.


We sat outside under the big red umbrellas and I ordered the Sea Scallops that were pan seared with butter, local maple syrup & bacon with an almond spinach salad on the side and OH MY YUM! So delish!


My friend ordered the Lobster Poutine – Lobster, shellfish butter & mascarpone cheese over fresh frites. Doesn’t it look fabulous!


We both loved our lunch and I think we each ate every bite. We just had sparkling water, but the wine list is apparently extensive at Petit Bill’s. If you are in Westboro with time for lunch, I highly recommend Petit Bill’s Bistro. I bet going for supper would be even better.