on the lighter side


Since we decided to move I have been thinking of the things I will miss most in Ottawa. Now this does *not* include people – there are way too many people I will miss to mention and this is a purely superficial essential list of items/things I enjoy about our Nation’s Capital ;-). The very top thing on the list (believe it or not) is my favourite Vietnamese Soup- #211 at Pho Moonlight (on Hazeldean). It is SO delish and a bit spicy. Heaven in a bowl, really. How will I live without it? LOL

Pho Moonlight is our go-to restaurant and DD was shocked to hear there are no Vietnamese Restaurants in St John’s. I think we are going to have to learn how to make it at home, although I am not sure if my cooking skills are up to the challenge. I will have to enlist sister #3 to help with that 🙂 I’m SURE she can do it – she’s really good in the kitchen.

I have a lot of faith in her cooking abilities, but I’m not sure she can figure out how to make St. Hubert sauce???

This too shall pass

It’s been an emotional week. I’ve taught two of my last stamping classes here in Ottawa with two absolutely fabulous groups of women who I have LOVED working with. Some of these ladies have been with me for 10 years! I know in my heart this move is good, but saying goodbye is not easy.

We’ve had a few tears. My DD came home from dance this week with a LOVELY and thoughtful card from a bunch of Moms and dancers with two gift cards for restaurants. I cannot even say how touched I was that these Moms would do that for us. And DD has been saying goodbye to her beloved dance teachers…. She cried all the way home from dance yesterday. I know she is still happy to move, and that she bounced back this morning, but it is not easy to see your kids sad. Even though I know saying goodbye is a part of life.

We still have over a month left before we move, with more goodbyes to come I’m sure. I’m trying to remind myself to just let the kids feel what they are feeling. And resisting the urge to try and make it better (which is a futile exercise anyway). This too will pass.

Now back to packing boxes.

my homing beacon is calling me

Directions have never really been my thing.  That internal compass some people possess, just doesn’t exist in me. Turn me around and I’ve lost track of where north is. So not being someone who likes feeling lost, I have learned how to use a map REALLY well and can navigate anywhere as long as I have map in hand (not that helpful in the woods, but great in the middle of Paris lol).

So in those times when a map is nowhere to be found, I always joke that my “homing beacon” automatically takes me East – towards that place I still call home, even though I haven’t lived there in almost 20 years. Being a Newfoundlander is a special thing.  I definitely didn’t appreciate it when I lived there, and couldn’t wait to leave when I graduated from university.  But over the years, in each visit home (and each homesick moment here in Ontario) I have re-framed my view on that beautiful place way out in the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way we have instilled in our two children the importance of home and family and now it is time to put our money where our mouths are, so to speak.  The four of us are packing up the house and moving back to St John’s this summer.

Not an easy decision, since our life in Ottawa is pretty sweet. But it’s now or never. My kids are teenagers and getting older by the second (eek!). The pull towards our family and the ocean has worked its magic and we are taking this crazy exciting leap and moving “home”.

My dh has an amazing internal compass.  When we are off the beaten track, he has led me down many paths. And each time I implicitly trust him to lead me home (left to my own devices unguided, it is debatable whether or not I would make it myself lol).  This new path we are taking is a combination of that gut instinct of knowing in your heart where you need to be, combined with a figurative map to help us make the best decisions we can.  This blog is about our migration home and any adventures on the way.

My homing beacon is calling me.