iceberg quest

My friend and I booked a boat tour last Friday on Iceberg Quest Tours. They are located at Pier 6, near The Keg on the Harbourfront. When we arrived at the Pier, the gorgeous sun and the live onboard music greeted us. We knew it was bound to be an awesome afternoon!


Taking a boat tour from the St. John’s Harbour, really gives you a new vantage point of the city.  You can see the Basilica, the Rooms, the Courthouse and lots more.


We went by the Battery, with all the houses built right into the cliff.  We walk through the battery when we do the North Head Trail – it is such an interesting place.  According to the guide on the boat, many artists live in the Battery.


This photo above was taken as we were just coming up on the narrows.  The rock is called Chain Rock and the story goes that during World War II, there was a big chain and a net of sorts that was strung from Chain Rock to Fort Amherst on the other side of the narrows, to keep the German U-boats out of the harbour.


When we got out of the narrows far enough we could see this HUGE iceberg right off the coast!  It really is unbelievable when you see these in person!


See the line going down through the berg?  It looks as though a big piece will crack off. These ice bergs are known as growlers because they make growling noises as they melt and air is released.



There was quite a swell on and the boat was a rockin’. We really had to hold onto the rail a few times. So when we tried to get a selfie we were having trouble staying upright!

IMG_3438  IMG_7611

They are so majestic!  When you are looking at them it is so hard to remember that 90% of the iceberg is underwater!  The boat stayed a safe distance away from the icebergs.


The teal colour you see just below the water is from the reflection of the sun.


Huge thanks to Iceberg Quest!   It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or not, this is something not to be missed if you are in the area!