on the lighter side


Since we decided to move I have been thinking of the things I will miss most in Ottawa. Now this does *not* include people – there are way too many people I will miss to mention and this is a purely superficial essential list of items/things I enjoy about our Nation’s Capital ;-). The very top thing on the list (believe it or not) is my favourite Vietnamese Soup- #211 at Pho Moonlight (on Hazeldean). It is SO delish and a bit spicy. Heaven in a bowl, really. How will I live without it? LOL

Pho Moonlight is our go-to restaurant and DD was shocked to hear there are no Vietnamese Restaurants in St John’s. I think we are going to have to learn how to make it at home, although I am not sure if my cooking skills are up to the challenge. I will have to enlist sister #3 to help with that 🙂 I’m SURE she can do it – she’s really good in the kitchen.

I have a lot of faith in her cooking abilities, but I’m not sure she can figure out how to make St. Hubert sauce???