yeah spring!


Honey asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day and the first thing that I thought of was the North Head Trail around Signal Hill.  I haven’t done that hike since the fall – it would be a treacherous place to be with all the snow and ice we had this winter.


I was prepared with many layers and a hat and mitts, but it was surprisingly warm!  I had my jacket around my waist the entire hike. I know my Ottawa friends are lounging on their decks wearing shorts with drinks in hand – however it has still been pretty cold here.


I am always in awe when I do this hike! I just can’t stop taking photos and breathing in the salt air.  Although there are a few places on the hike where I need to put away my phone and concentrate so I don’t go careening down the cliff!


The rich shades of brown are so intense – it is stunning during each season in totally different ways!  You can check out a summer hike I did here and a fall hike I did here to compare.


Even the neutral colours of the rocks stop me in my tracks to spend a few moments admiring them.


The Rockstar came with us – I think he loves this trail too!


We could even see a couple of icebergs but my iphone camera does not do them justice.


I love looking over at Fort Amherst.


I was huffing and puffing by the time I got up all the stairs at the top of Signal Hill!  I have some work to do obviously!  I can’t wait to head back there again! Yeah spring!


noon day gun

Last week was my nephew’s birthday and my S-I-L had the great idea to book my nephew and F-I-L on Signal Hill to help fire the noon day gun. My nephew seemed pretty excited about doing this on his big day and they both were given special uniforms to wear while they were involved in the canon process. I initially thought the uniforms were just a fun touch, but apparently they are a safety precaution as well, in case there are any sparks from the canon. Either way, it was fun to see them dressed up and looking official.20130730-212716.jpg

What made this extra special was that my F-I-L used to work in Cabot Tower on Signal Hill back in the day as a Wireless Radio Operator for the Canadian Marconi Corporation. And although firing the noon day canon wasn’t part of his duties, occasionally he was called to help out in this regard if the regular guy was indisposed (aka had a few too many lol). When he went to change out of his uniform, the current Signal Hill guys made a big deal about him, since he was the first person to help them out, who actually had fired the noon day gun officially.

Below is a photo of my F-I-L working in Cabot Tower. It wasn’t yesterday!


A sweet experience for my nephew and his grandfather.


I found this article which talks a little bit about the Noon Day Gun.  Check it out if you would like a bit more information.


You can see the video below of the actual canon firing.

to clear your head

Walking the Signal Hill Trail is one of the highlights of St. John’s. I found myself with some extra time last weekend and realized I needed to take advantage of this beautiful city I now live in.  The Signal Hill Trail is a must see, as far as I’m concerned. This photo below is the view facing East. Just looking at the ocean calms my soul.20130721-045414.jpg

This is the beginning of the trail.  Lots of stairs.


See the lighthouse in this picture?  This is Fort Amherst and it is the same lighthouse that is in my Blog Header.  It is also the same place that DH and I got engaged.  Good Memories.


Along the trial there were some wild roses growing stubbornly through and around the rocks.  You could smell them as you walked!


The walk took me about an hour, but I did keep stopping to take photos.  How can you not with a view like this?


This photo below is the only really dodgy part of the trail.  And it looks worse in the photo, I think.


I stopped in front of this hole in the rock and it was so interesting!  It must go through to the other side of the cliff toward the open ocean, because as I stood in front of it, I could hear the roar of the sea and there was a cooler breeze coming through the rocks.


Signal Hill also overlooks the city and St John’s Harbour. The sun was just starting to set so it wasn’t a great time to get a photo of the city – I’ll have to get up early one morning and get some sunrise photos.


These last few flights of stairs on the way back up are fun haha.  There were two nine year old (I’m guessing) boys that flew by me on the stairs as if I was standing still.  I really wanted to bottle their energy!


As I was finishing up, the wind was whipping my hair all around and my heart was pumping. A great feeling and an even better reminder why I love St. John’s.