hurling through space


Are you the type of person who likes roller coasters?  When I was in my 20’s my DH, Sister #3 and friends went to Canada’s Wonderland and I did EVERY single roller coaster in the park.  I think that was pretty much the last time I rode a roller coaster.  I don’t love that feeling of being hurled through space and, what can I say, I am a wimp {shrugs shoulders}. I figure that I have done the roller coaster thing so now I am done.

Except I’m not done with the proverbial roller coaster of selling this &#!%# house. I actually LOVE my house and I know someone will come along and love it as much as I do.  But I really wish they would hurry it up already.  (I know, I’m impatient!!).  But it feels like we are in limbo until the house sells and I am tired (as in “sick-and”) of constantly cleaning this place and dragging the dog out so he doesn’t scare potential new owners. (I’m sure Rocky is also sick of this process.)

I know I’m whining, but you know this process sucks.

If you are in the market for a lovely new home, I have the place for you! And maybe I’ll throw in the dog as a bonus, if this process goes on much longer. Hehe – JUST KIDDING!  I love my nuisance of a dog.

ps – I know my post title is a *tad* on the dramatic side.  Just wanted you to know I am aware.