harbour visitors


We escaped for the weekend to the “Villa” (aka hubby’s family summer home) which is a little spot of heaven that we want to fix up.  (Check out this past post about painting the doors). Although we didn’t get there until late Friday night and had to leave again early Sun morning, it was SO RELAXING!  Just leaving the boxes behind in St. John’s for a little bit, was freeing.  As if it wasn’t enough to just be near the ocean and smelling the salt air, the Harbour had a school of porpoises visit Saturday morning!!  They were so close to shore – maybe 200 feet away, and it was simply amazing to watch them swim around and around.  You could see the babies swimming alongside the mamas and it seemed as if they were feeding on something yummy.


I could have just sat and watched them forever.  The pics really don’t capture how cool it was, but I wanted to share with you.  What a Saturday morning treat!!