lunch time yoga


Guess what I did at lunch this past Wednesday? I did yoga on Parliament Hill! What a fabulous idea to do Yoga outside and in such a great and central location! As I stepped out of my office building just before noon, I joined in with several groups of people toting Yoga Mats too, heading north to the Hill. The class is free for anyone to join and when I arrived, the lawn was already packed. (Notice the stage was already set up for Canada Day – not so great for the photo op, but exciting for Canada Day ). The clock in the Peace Tower struck twelve at the beginning of the class and the bells starting singing.


It was a great class. I didn’t hear the name of the instructor, but she ran a quasi Bikram class.  (A Bikram class is always 90 mins but she had to adjust it to fit in the alloted 60 mins). Normally Bikram is done in a heated room and considering how HOT it was outside, that was perfect. You know when you are walking on a beach on a hot day and your feet almost burn when you step onto new sand?  When I would adjust positions, my yoga mat was so hot, my feet had to adjust to the heat!  I did love that warm feeling though – and getting back to Yoga was so wonderful.  I have already scouted out a Yoga place I want to try in St John’s.  Things have been so crazy, we have lost any semblance of a schedule.  I’m looking forward to some everyday things again like Yoga and cooking regular meals (instead of dashing out of the house at supper time for a showing).