how to describe….


For a few weeks it seemed I had a lot to say, but I’ve been struggling to put pen to paper this week. The past several days have been absolutely wonderful.  I have seen lots of friends, had some great surprises and all-in-all had an incredible week spending time with Ottawa peeps.  I have been touched at the cards, the lovely sentiments, the people who took time out of their busy lives to come and see me/us.  Somehow, it has been more difficult to write about it all. I think I am a bit worried I just won’t be able to portray in words just how affected I have been by all the love and good wishes that have come my way.


To be fair, that’s a valid concern.  I don’t think there is any way I could say how much I have appreciated everything that has happened this week.  I have read each card given to me several times. What a great reminder of how much a greeting card can really, truly make someone’s day! And speaking of cards, my Stampin’ Up! “family” has spoiled me for sure.  One of my customer groups gave me a Pandora bracelet and the heart charm at our last class, and my SU peeps have been adding to it with thoughtful, lovely charms.  See the apropos daisy charm from my Sparkledaisy ladies?  I love the Rythm of Life charm too, along with owl and butterfly charms!  Plus my two girlfriends treated me to my favourite Vietnamese Pho tonight and gave me the lighthouse charm!!  How lucky am I???  WAY lucky!!20130625-214404.jpgNot lucky because of the charm bracelet (although i do adore it!!!).  Lucky because I have had the pleasure of knowing these people and having them in my life over the past years.  And although I know I am not being very eloquent in my blog post, please know that I have appreciated every gesture. Sending you all lots of love. And hope to see many of you in St John’s sometime.