the edge of the earth


We went to visit a friend’s summer place in Daniel’s Cove.  We had never been there before and were looking forward to checking out a new corner of Newfoundland. You drive “Up the Shore” according to my DH and head toward Old Perlican in Trinity Bay and keep driving until you don’t think you can drive any more.  Then you find the dirt road and drive farther lol.


The day we were there, the weather wasn’t great, but I am so glad we went. I felt like I was at the end of the earth somehow. The ocean looked so vast.  I loved the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks over and over again. It almost feels as though you have gone back in time. If you click on the panoramic photo below, it will expand so you can see it better.


My honey and children were not deterred by the weather and went out exploring along the rocks and paths.


Nature is truly astounding, isn’t it? (Notice anything funny about this pic?)


They had a great time exploring this little edge of the earth.


friday fare – the cafe at the rooms

The Rooms is located in downtown St. John’s and is the Provincial Archives, Art Gallery and Museum.  I am looking forward to taking the kids there sometime in August to see the current exhibit, but last week I had to settle for a quick visit to The Rooms Cafe to meet a dear friend for lunch. Please see my caveat about my food posts.20130725-173109.jpg

The photo below is of the cafe, but the sun was streaming in through the window.  Not so helpful for my photo – but lovely for lunch! See all those windows?  WHAT A VIEW!  Really, lunch is just secondary to that view.


Lucky for us, the food is also fabulous.  I ordered a quinoa salad off the Organic Menu.   It had apple and cranberries and a sesame dressing (I think).  I didn’t make notes of the ingredients, but it was so tasty!


My girlfriend ordered the Duck Confit Salad with candied hazelnuts, fennel, red onion, cherry tomato and grapes in a honey vinaigrette. I really wanted to order this too, but I guess two salads would have been a bit much 😉


Such a perfect place to have lunch.  Lots of parking and an incredible location.  I detoured after lunch to take a photo to show you the view.  I mean really. REALLY???  How lucky are we to be here. Notice how you can see the reflection of the blue ski and clouds in the floor.  I’m guessing that was not an accident.


I’m still awestruck every time I see the ocean. Do you think it will wear off in a few months?

I hope not.

little adjustments

We have been gone a long time.  And although we are both from St John’s, we have long adjusted to the Ottawa ways of doing things.  Here are a few funny details that have struck me over the last couple of weeks.

1. It doesn’t take very long to get anywhere.  I am so used to leaving my house at least 20 minutes before I have to be somewhere, I am having trouble adjusting to how close everything is here.  Growing up, it seemed that the East end, was JUST SO FAR from the West end, but in reality, it only takes 10 minutes to drive across town.  Driving between my sisters’ and parent’s houses, is less than a 5 minute jaunt.  So my 20 minute lead time is overkill almost all the time. I’m guessing I will eventually adjust.

2. You hear terms of endearment from complete strangers.  I booked a home inspection over the phone and the lady called me “Honey” at least 12 times.  She even called me “My Love” as we were ending the call.  She also fit me in on the day I needed, even though it didn’t totally work for her. God Love Her. (you also hear that a lot).

3. People talk a lot.  Unless I am hanging out with friends, I am a Get-to-the-Point kind of gal. People here like to talk.  And embellish. And talk.  This is a good reminder for me to sit back and take a load off every now and again and stop rushing. (I will find this challenging though).

4. I can’t remember how to get anywhere.  Initially, I *think* I know where I’m going and hop in the car to head out, but as I’m driving I realize I don’t really know how to get there.  I mean, given enough time, I would find it eventually, but I don’t have my routes down yet.  And I need a map to see how the Outer Ring Road works.  It’s not complicated, but my head is not around it yet. (pun intended).

5. “Dinner time” is noon. Okay I have known this for years, but I still always need clarification when someone tells me to meet them at dinner time.  “So you mean, noon right?”  “Of course noon – what else would dinner time mean???”  I feel like a mainlander.

6. Everyone knows everything and everyone. Pretty much every time I mentioned the location of our (potential) new house, the person already knows the house. Often this is how it goes:  “Oh yes, I know the house. I drove by last week. So and so lives on that street.” Too funny.

7. Beauty is everywhere.  From the bright colours of the houses to the deep blues of the ocean, this is a stunning place to be. Just awe-some.

By next year this time I’m sure I won’t even notice these things and will be totally re-assimilated. Thanks for reading my love! And by the way – who is your mother?  And what’s her maiden name?  Is she a Smith from Trinity Bay or Conception Bay?

Love it.

dance camp


My dance loving DD attended a dance camp for a week and a half since we have been here. As a matter of fact, she insisted on starting the day after she arrived to jump right in and check the studio out. She really enjoyed the camp and is feeling excited about starting again in September. On her third day, I asked her how everything went, and she told me “great”. When I asked her what made it great she said “I felt included”.

Happy sigh. What every Momma wants to hear.

I am including an 8 second video of four of them doing the Swan Lake Cygnets dance. Just a little teaser for you.

my cup runneth over


There was no cell coverage on the road from the ferry, until we reached the main highway. I knew as soon as the service came back because my phone started beeping with text messages, voicemail and phone calls from my sisters, Mom and Dad welcoming us HOME! Our first stop was to drop our camper at my parent’s cabin in Spreadeagle.  It is one of my favourite places in the world – the sun was shining and the ocean was sparkling.


A quick photo op before we had lunch – my Dad had burgers ready for us! Thanks Dad!


Once we arrived in town, we swung by to pick up keys and say a quick hello to our nephews.  My kids are so happy to have cousins close by.


Then it was off to Sister#2’s house where we all met for supper.  All the little kids did not make it into the photo (can you imagine trying to get all 7 kids in one place at one time looking at the camera?). How cute are they!!!


We had some bubbly to celebrate. HAPPY!


The highlight of my evening was getting cuddles from my almost 3 year old niece who snaked her hand up my sleeve, snuggled close and sucked her thumb in my lap.  Is there anything better than the feeling of a relaxed child in your lap? Nope.  I can’t think of anything else right now.

My cup runneth over.

atlantic vision

I had some requests to show pictures from the Ferry Ride from North Sydney to Argentia.  I thought I had taken lots of photos, but looking at them now, I’m not sure they are the best photos to describe the trip.  I think when we were finally on the ferry, we are all too excited to focus!  As soon as we boarded I could see that both kids were getting pumped and feeling like NFLD was SO CLOSE!


When we boarded the Ferry we checked out our cabin right away.  It was a tight squeeze when all four of us where moving around, but perfect for a one night stay.  Plus there was a bathroom with a shower, so we were happy campers.


You’ll notice that the photos in this post are different sizes. It’s because I am using photos from the Canon, and two different iphones.  I’m sure there is an easy way to resize them all, but I am running out of time for that today and wanted to post my update (that’s my excuse anyway).  The photo below is of me doing my quick blog post in the lounge before the ferry left the port and I lost my cell service.  It turns out there was WiFi on the boat, but I didn’t figure that out until the next day.  Probably okay I didn’t know sooner.


Do you know that Royal Caribbean commercial that talks about seeing the elusive smile from the family teenager?  Although Marine Atlantic is definitely not Royal Caribbean, it was exciting enough that I was able to capture this one in the photo below. One of the highlights of the ferry ride was getting to see DS play guitar in the lounge.  The guy that was playing was taking a break and let him sing and play two songs.  And me (who ALWAYS has my phone) didn’t have it with me this time to capture the photo, but you’ll have to take my word for it that it happened. BTW: Doesn’t my honey look handsome!


The crossing couldn’t have been calmer – you’d hardly know you were on a boat. I love that we took the ferry to Argentia instead of Port Aux Basques to avoid that 12 hour drive across the island.  Thanks to Marine Atlantic and The Atlantic Vision for a safe and uneventful ferry ride.


welcome to cape breton

We spent last night in Truro at another Holiday Inn where the highlight was supper on the outdoor patio.  The food was good, but it was just a great supper.  The weather was so lovely,  they were playing nice music in the background and there were patio lights that came on as dusk arrived.  Conversation was fun and the vibe was awesome.20130714-213147.jpg

We left the hotel around 9:00 this morning in search of coffee and from there started the drive to Baddeck on Cape Breton Island.  We crossed the Canso Causeway which links Cape Breton Island by road to the Nova Scotia peninsula.   We were happily surprised to see there were a LOT of whales playing in the Strait and showing their tails!  It was absolutely incredible.  There had to be at least 20 of them! I checked it out later and apparently they were pilot whales and there have been a lot of them this year.  I didn’t get a good photo, but what a way to be welcomed to Cape Breton! Whales and the smell of salt in the air!



We checked into our hotel here in Beddeck and enjoyed the afternoon and evening at the pool and managed to relax in the sun a little bit.  We had supper at the Bell Buoy Restaurant and after we were done, we walked around back to the water and spent some time just looking at the water off the wharf.


You could see jelly fish, starfish, crabs and fish, right off the wharf.  Very cool.  (Crabs can really move fast!)


We are all back at the Argyle Lodge, at the Inverary Resort, and thinking about the ferry tomorrow. I’m so excited about the Ferry. It means we are really going home. Home.