fitting in a fitting


One of the first things we did before we even told the kids we were moving to Newfoundland, was research dance schools in St John’s. Since dance is so much a part of my DD’s life, I want to make sure we find the right studio for her. I spoke to a Director of one of the schools and *fingers crossed* it sounds like a wonderful place. DD is pretty excited to start. So excited, that the very next day after we arrive on the island, she is joining in with a summer dance camp. It turns out her pointe shoes are now too small for her. So I made an appointment at Brio for a Pointe Shoe Fitting (because we have time for that haha).

I had never been to Brio before – we have always bought K’s pointe shoes in Toronto, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But wow – it was a great experience! They have a huge selection and the guy that does the fittings was so knowledgeable. It took about 45 mins but he clearly explained why the shoes she was wearing were not good for her feet, what she needs in the meantime and what she will likely move towards in the future. So fascinating!



I missed her very first pointe shoe fitting – she was at dance school in TO. So I really enjoying being present for these things. We made a day of it.


A friend came along (I call her my “other daughter”) and we got to hang out and watch the process. We had lunch on Bank street and then popped by David’s Tea for some yummy tea and to see my other daughter’s Mom. Even though the weather was yucky, we had a lovely day.



lunch time yoga


Guess what I did at lunch this past Wednesday? I did yoga on Parliament Hill! What a fabulous idea to do Yoga outside and in such a great and central location! As I stepped out of my office building just before noon, I joined in with several groups of people toting Yoga Mats too, heading north to the Hill. The class is free for anyone to join and when I arrived, the lawn was already packed. (Notice the stage was already set up for Canada Day – not so great for the photo op, but exciting for Canada Day ). The clock in the Peace Tower struck twelve at the beginning of the class and the bells starting singing.


It was a great class. I didn’t hear the name of the instructor, but she ran a quasi Bikram class.  (A Bikram class is always 90 mins but she had to adjust it to fit in the alloted 60 mins). Normally Bikram is done in a heated room and considering how HOT it was outside, that was perfect. You know when you are walking on a beach on a hot day and your feet almost burn when you step onto new sand?  When I would adjust positions, my yoga mat was so hot, my feet had to adjust to the heat!  I did love that warm feeling though – and getting back to Yoga was so wonderful.  I have already scouted out a Yoga place I want to try in St John’s.  Things have been so crazy, we have lost any semblance of a schedule.  I’m looking forward to some everyday things again like Yoga and cooking regular meals (instead of dashing out of the house at supper time for a showing).


how to describe….


For a few weeks it seemed I had a lot to say, but I’ve been struggling to put pen to paper this week. The past several days have been absolutely wonderful.  I have seen lots of friends, had some great surprises and all-in-all had an incredible week spending time with Ottawa peeps.  I have been touched at the cards, the lovely sentiments, the people who took time out of their busy lives to come and see me/us.  Somehow, it has been more difficult to write about it all. I think I am a bit worried I just won’t be able to portray in words just how affected I have been by all the love and good wishes that have come my way.


To be fair, that’s a valid concern.  I don’t think there is any way I could say how much I have appreciated everything that has happened this week.  I have read each card given to me several times. What a great reminder of how much a greeting card can really, truly make someone’s day! And speaking of cards, my Stampin’ Up! “family” has spoiled me for sure.  One of my customer groups gave me a Pandora bracelet and the heart charm at our last class, and my SU peeps have been adding to it with thoughtful, lovely charms.  See the apropos daisy charm from my Sparkledaisy ladies?  I love the Rythm of Life charm too, along with owl and butterfly charms!  Plus my two girlfriends treated me to my favourite Vietnamese Pho tonight and gave me the lighthouse charm!!  How lucky am I???  WAY lucky!!20130625-214404.jpgNot lucky because of the charm bracelet (although i do adore it!!!).  Lucky because I have had the pleasure of knowing these people and having them in my life over the past years.  And although I know I am not being very eloquent in my blog post, please know that I have appreciated every gesture. Sending you all lots of love. And hope to see many of you in St John’s sometime.

welcoming two little babies


This is the plum tree in our backyard. For a couple of weeks we have been watching the mama bird fly around at dusk with food in her mouth and dive into the tree to deliver the goods. Tonight we got a good look into the tree to see the nest while mama was away. You can see two tiny little baby birds just waiting.

Welcome to the neighbourhood little ones.

birdsPS – click on the photo to make it bigger and see the birds closer!


while I’m waiting…


I’m at Gaia Java drinking a cold coffee drink, waiting while there is a showing at the house.  I normally don’t like sweet coffee drinks.  They always sound like a good idea when I am ordering them, and then I get one and have the same reaction – too sweet (really, you think I’d learn, but I keep trying them hehe).  But this time I tried again -my first cold coffee drink since the warm weather hit – and I have to tell you I LIKE it!

It is an Espresso Frappe and the cheerful barista made it half sweet with sugar free caramel flavouring.  (I know, the aspartame will kill me for sure, but there you go). It is so yummy and not sickly sweet like I usually find these types of beverages.

There are worst things than having to hang out in a cozy coffee shop.  Life is pretty good.

And if you are a coffee lover, Gaia Java makes wonderful coffee – they roast their own beans!  Plus they are locally owned which is a bonus. Worth the trip to Stittsville.

hurling through space


Are you the type of person who likes roller coasters?  When I was in my 20’s my DH, Sister #3 and friends went to Canada’s Wonderland and I did EVERY single roller coaster in the park.  I think that was pretty much the last time I rode a roller coaster.  I don’t love that feeling of being hurled through space and, what can I say, I am a wimp {shrugs shoulders}. I figure that I have done the roller coaster thing so now I am done.

Except I’m not done with the proverbial roller coaster of selling this &#!%# house. I actually LOVE my house and I know someone will come along and love it as much as I do.  But I really wish they would hurry it up already.  (I know, I’m impatient!!).  But it feels like we are in limbo until the house sells and I am tired (as in “sick-and”) of constantly cleaning this place and dragging the dog out so he doesn’t scare potential new owners. (I’m sure Rocky is also sick of this process.)

I know I’m whining, but you know this process sucks.

If you are in the market for a lovely new home, I have the place for you! And maybe I’ll throw in the dog as a bonus, if this process goes on much longer. Hehe – JUST KIDDING!  I love my nuisance of a dog.

ps – I know my post title is a *tad* on the dramatic side.  Just wanted you to know I am aware.

leaning into the wind


So have you seen my zen? I did have it at some point this winter, but admittedly, it has been elusive as of late. I am a huge yoga fan and I try to keep in mind just “being in the moment” as much as possible, but if there was a score card for the yoga mindset (which there wouldn’t be, since that is not the yoga way) but if there *was*, I would totally flunk. My head is having trouble being still.

Somedays I would just like to see into the future, just a little bit. In my heart of hearts, I KNOW everything will be fine, but just that little reassurance that yes my house will sell, and yes I will get it all packed and no we’re not crazy for making this huge move right now. Really? Is that too much to ask?

I guess it is.
I have to have faith it will be fine and keep moving forward.

The picture is of my son in Trinity Bay at my parent’s cabin in a place called Spreadeagle. It was a super blustery day and he was literally leaning into the wind. I feel a bit like that right now.

I think I better go dig up that mindfulness CD I have somewhere and try some meditation.

And if you come across my zen in your travels let me know!

look what I found while packing


I was packing over the weekend and found this photo of me – not sure of my age, maybe four?  I was just talking to a co-worker the other day about Colonel Sanders!  We were talking about how we each had a Colonel Sanders piggy bank.  So to find this photo now just cracked me up.  The Colonel doesn’t look very cuddly to be taking to bed, but hey, the heart wants, what the heart wants.  Also – note the Holly Hobbie wallpaper.  My room was definitely on trend!

Did you have one of these piggy banks when you were a kid? How about Holly Hobbie? Or maybe Mrs Beasley was more your thing.  I know there are several photos of me with a Mrs Beasley somewhere.  And THAT’s the issue when you start going through old boxes…  sometimes you get caught up in old memories and it slows down the packing.

A little time for reminiscing is fine.  As long as I don’t get too sidetracked. If you don’t hear from me in a few days, check the basement.

my homing beacon is calling me

Directions have never really been my thing.  That internal compass some people possess, just doesn’t exist in me. Turn me around and I’ve lost track of where north is. So not being someone who likes feeling lost, I have learned how to use a map REALLY well and can navigate anywhere as long as I have map in hand (not that helpful in the woods, but great in the middle of Paris lol).

So in those times when a map is nowhere to be found, I always joke that my “homing beacon” automatically takes me East – towards that place I still call home, even though I haven’t lived there in almost 20 years. Being a Newfoundlander is a special thing.  I definitely didn’t appreciate it when I lived there, and couldn’t wait to leave when I graduated from university.  But over the years, in each visit home (and each homesick moment here in Ontario) I have re-framed my view on that beautiful place way out in the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way we have instilled in our two children the importance of home and family and now it is time to put our money where our mouths are, so to speak.  The four of us are packing up the house and moving back to St John’s this summer.

Not an easy decision, since our life in Ottawa is pretty sweet. But it’s now or never. My kids are teenagers and getting older by the second (eek!). The pull towards our family and the ocean has worked its magic and we are taking this crazy exciting leap and moving “home”.

My dh has an amazing internal compass.  When we are off the beaten track, he has led me down many paths. And each time I implicitly trust him to lead me home (left to my own devices unguided, it is debatable whether or not I would make it myself lol).  This new path we are taking is a combination of that gut instinct of knowing in your heart where you need to be, combined with a figurative map to help us make the best decisions we can.  This blog is about our migration home and any adventures on the way.

My homing beacon is calling me.