from ok to oh yeah!

My day started okay. We had to get up early to be ready for the movers to arrive. I dropped the kids off at their activities for the day and when I arrived back from dropping them off, the moving truck was in front of the house and seemed to take up the entire street. They handed me the clipboard with the “Bingo Card” of numbers to check off each time a box or piece of furniture came into the house and so the day began.

For now we are staying at my in-laws house. They no longer live there so the house is empty and ready for some residents, and we are so lucky to have a place to stay while we look for a house. The only issue is that it is smaller than our place in Ottawa and fitting everything in reasonably is a bit of an issue. They managed to squeeze everything in but let’s just say we won’t be winning any Better Homes and Gardens Awards.

I have to admit, although I am SO GRATEFUL to have a place to stay while we look for a house, around the four hour mark of moving boxes all I could think is OMG we have to do this all. over. again. (when we find a house) Bleh. Lucky for me, about that time, Sister #3 came for a visit and totally cheered me up, reminding me about a fun music night at the Rocket Room. At that moment I wasn’t sure we would be up for going anywhere that night, but I’m SO glad we did!! The movers finally left (Wow – they are amazing btw. I cannot imagine moving all that stuff and still smiling at the end of the day!). We managed to clean ourselves up enough to head out to meet my Sis and her Hubby.

The show was at the Rocket Room (which is above the Rocket Bakery) and it was called Anything Can Happen. There were four performers; Krystin Pellerin, Julia Halfyard, Jonathon Monro and Justin Nurse. They performed some recognizable songs, but the highlights were the original songs that Jonathon wrote (some of them with Adam Mathias). He started the show by performing a song about a waitress named Rayleen with a lazy S and we were all laughing from the start. This guy has talent just pouring off him. My favourite songs were about Carlos the Dentist sung by Julia Halfyard (she had the place in stitches) and The Vodka song sung by Krystin Pellerin. I also LOVE the song Ne Me Quitte Pas so when Kristyn, Julia and Jonathon sang it together I was in heaven. I’m SO glad I didn’t miss this evening.


We brought the kids with us and they loved it too. Near the beginning of the show, they were getting audience members to come up and announce the next singer and my DD was picked. She was a bit nervous but did a great job. At the end of the performance they had a door prize – and my son WON! And the prize is that Jonathon will write a song about/for him later in the summer/early fall. DS had to fill out a form (which he would not show us) and pass it to Jonathon. It was very exciting.

As if all that good stuff wasn’t enough (I mean, just to get out of the house was a treat, lets be honest lol), my kids were star struck with the Republic of Doyle stars that were there. We met Krystin Pellerin (she plays Leslie Bennett) as we came in the room and I thought DD was going to burst standing next to me. Mark O’Brien (who plays Des on ROD and is my personal favourite) was also there in attendance, and you should have seen the determined look on DD’s face. She grabbed her brother by the arm (who was also starstruck but more “cool” about it) and looked him intensely in the eyes and said “This is our time”. They marched over and asked Mark for a picture and he was sweet enough to oblige them. Look at their smiles! They were beaming!


So it was a fabo night. A great ending to a bleh day.

PS: Victor Garber was also in attendance and I really wanted to ask him about Sydney Bristo (aka Jennifer Garner’s character in the tv show Alias). I LOVED that show. I refrained from acting like a crazy Alias fan, but it was difficult.

Oh Yeah!