friday fare – piatto


CAVEAT:  I would like to start out by telling you that I hardly know anything about food.  I don’t watch the food network, I don’t consider myself a foodie and am generally not that discerning.  If someone else is going to cook for me, I’m just not that picky. Having said that, I do love to go out to eat at different restaurants! It is such a treat!!  I thought I would share some of my favourites here with the understanding that I really am not a credible source of “food” information. I do know what I like though, and DH and I had a LOVELY lunch at Piatto this week.


They have two bar areas where you can sit while you wait for a table and one of the bars, overlooks the guy making the pizzas.  Fun to watch.  The place was hopping when we arrived – I’m not sure if they are always that busy, but those servers were working their tails off. The regular lunch special is a salad and small pizza for $12.99, which is an excellent deal. We both ordered the Misto Salad which has mixed greens, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers all in a red wine vinaigrette.  I love the artichoke hearts and the red peppers and the dressing was scrumptious.  I probably should have asked for the dressing on the side, since there was too much for my tastes but it was so good!


For me the pizza decision was an easy one.  I am always a big fan of the Margherita Pizza no matter where I go for Zaa. I even like to make it at home with pizza dough from the bread machine, so I am actually a bit particular about it (despite the caveat above lol). Piatto’s Margherita Pizza used crushed tomatoes (it really was mostly just the tomato sauce). I would prefer them sliced, but again – what do I know about these things??? The fresh mozzarella was divine and the basil so perfect. Despite the lack of sliced tomatoes 😉 I still LOVED it and would order it again.


DH ordered the Pollo di Pesto with garlic, chicken, fresh mozza, cherry tomatoes, evoo, fresh basil, grand padano (I had never heard of that before – I looked it up, it is an Italian cheese) all on a pesto base. His was delicious too.  We traded a slice each – isn’t that the perfect way to dine out?  I love getting to taste whatever he orders too!


When we walked in, we noticed that Jeremy Charles was eating lunch there too.  For those who may not know, Jeremy is a famous chef around St John’s (and loads of other places too I am sure). We first experienced Jeremy’s creations at Atlantica several years ago and I had THE best meal of my life.  The food was incredible and the service was IMPECCABLE! I mean, on a scale of 1-10, service was a 100.  Anyway, I figure if Jeremy was eating at Piatto, that’s an awfully good sign. Jeremy now owns the restaurant Raymonds (with Jeremy Bonia) and we are hoping to get there later this summer. I will definitely let you know how that goes – I have high hopes!

Back to Piatto.  Trendy decor, lovely staff and yummy food.  We will certainly be returning another time.

What type of Zaa do you prefer?