coming into his own


We had been married for 3 years when we knew it was time for us to start a family.  Both my husband and I felt we were finally ready for the different lifestyle that comes along with being parents. We had moved from our little downtown apartment in the Glebe out to the suburbs, surrounded by others doing exactly that – starting and raising families.

I actually don’t remember precisely when I discovered I was pregnant with our first child but I DO remember the exact moment he was born.  After a quick (but intense) 4.5 hour labour, our first child, came into the world at 8:40 AM and his crying sounded like the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. I remember feeling such relief to hear those cries.

Although we were as ready as we could be to have children, we had no idea what we were doing. That first night home from the hospital, was a bit chaotic.  I don’t think any of us slept.  We were total rookies.  Our son has had to teach us along the way what he needed and being (mostly) diligent students, his Dad and I have done our best to figure it out as we go.

We went through the regular childhood activities of gymnastics, hockey, beavers/cubs, piano and he did enjoy most of them. But after several years of piano lessons, he begged us to let him drop the piano and take up the guitar.   Negotiating piano practice was no fun, so we agreed to sign him up for guitar lessons.

Best. Move. Ever.


Since then it seems that the guitar has become attached to his body.  Wherever he is, the guitar isn’t far away from him.  I jokingly refer to him as the “Wandering Minstral”.  I think he communicates best when he is playing and some of my absolute favourite times are when he is following behind me as I walk around the house doing little tasks, while he strums away and talks to me about whatever is happening in his life right now.

I love when he tells me about his life.  I adore his passion for music and I have so much respect for his sense of right and wrong.  And his growing self-confidence makes me a content Mama.

Out of all four of us, I think he has transitioned best into St. John’s life. I always knew he was a Newfoundlander at heart, but seeing him meld into his school and musical activities makes my heart sing.  The joy he takes in being with our extended family is a privilege to watch.

He is still teaching us daily.  He teaches me about love and loyalty and also about the most current You Tube videos. I wouldn’t know about “Nigahiga” or “What the Fox Says” without him.

Happy 15th birthday to our boy. Watching you discover yourself and become so comfortable in your own skin is such a joy.  You have so much life ahead of you and we can’t wait to be here to witness it all.

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