dealing with disappointment


For dancers, injuries are a part of life. Every dancer knows this. But knowing intellectually in your head is an entirely different thing than knowing in your heart. Especially when it happens right before a performance.

Our youngest is smack dab in the middle of dealing with this disappointment right now. A partnering injury recently has left her in pain and sore and not able to dance.   So the show this weekend is just not going to happen for her. When you have worked so hard and are so pumped for something, it is like someone letting the air out of your balloon. No fun.

Don’t get me wrong, we are counting our blessings that nothing more serious happened. And she will recover and be fine (thank goodness). But we are all a little sad about it. In the big picture this is really only a blip, we know. But honestly it is still a drag.

I heard this quote by Eckhart Tolle and it seems so fitting right now for so many reasons.

Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is Life itself, it is an insane way to live.

So injuries (and disappointments) are part of life itself. And in the big scheme of things, this one is pretty minor.

Thank heavens for that.

happiness is a new pair of tap shoes


My three year old niece just got her first pair of tap shoes. Talk about excited. She was just beaming and could hardly stop dancing while she had them on.  Sister #2 had to remind her to take them off before she left the house.  She was definitely feelin’ the groove and her dance moves were just so cute. It was as if the shoes gave her extra dancin’ powers. Happiness!


dance camp


My dance loving DD attended a dance camp for a week and a half since we have been here. As a matter of fact, she insisted on starting the day after she arrived to jump right in and check the studio out. She really enjoyed the camp and is feeling excited about starting again in September. On her third day, I asked her how everything went, and she told me “great”. When I asked her what made it great she said “I felt included”.

Happy sigh. What every Momma wants to hear.

I am including an 8 second video of four of them doing the Swan Lake Cygnets dance. Just a little teaser for you.

officially a teenager


You just know when you see a box like this something good is inside 🙂 My friend Bianca Coldrey owns Take Another Bite Catering and she is just fabulous at what she does. I know when I work with Bianca I am going to get wonderful food with amazing presentation. Bianca recently made this amazing cake for my now teenage daughter. She did just a fabulous job of it and DD was thrilled. Not only does it look incredible, but it tasted even better!



We are attending a dance competition for the actual day of her birthday so we asked Bianca to make some cookies to share with the other dancers. Look what she did for us! The kids really liked them.


Katie we love you and your funny, loving, beautiful self! Happy Birthday!


toi, toi, toi!

This has been recital week around here, which means every night for the past week DD has had stage rehearsals, dress rehearsals and several shows at the local high school where the studio rents the auditorium. I love the recital in such a different way than I enjoy dance competitions.  The kids are so smiley and relaxed and they truly look as though they are loving the chance to shine on stage.  I also love to watch the recreational kids (those that don’t compete). You can see on their faces that it is such a novelty to be up on stage and they are just beaming with excitement.

This photo below is of the “Actor’s Quick Change Room” which was my post for the Senior show this year. The high school uses this little room to build props, but we manage to squeeze in and set up costumes for the girls to race offstage, quickly change and head back out again.  I LOVE this job, helping with the costume changes.  The girls I was assisting are all in high school or university and wow – they are just so lovely.  So full of life, so wonderful to each other (the comradery back stage is fabulous) and so thankful for the help given to them. It was an absolute pleasure to be around them. Plus I get to see all the behind the scenes entertainment.


Watching the recitals always makes me teary. I’m the same for school concerts. I just barely sit down in my seat and I start feeling weepy.  Mostly it is a good weepy.  I’m a little sad this is our last recital with our studio here. But next year I will be able to attend my niece’s recitals and my nephew’s hockey games and THAT is why we are making this change.

In the meantime we are soaking up our last recital here and loving every minute.

Toi, toi, toi!

This too shall pass

It’s been an emotional week. I’ve taught two of my last stamping classes here in Ottawa with two absolutely fabulous groups of women who I have LOVED working with. Some of these ladies have been with me for 10 years! I know in my heart this move is good, but saying goodbye is not easy.

We’ve had a few tears. My DD came home from dance this week with a LOVELY and thoughtful card from a bunch of Moms and dancers with two gift cards for restaurants. I cannot even say how touched I was that these Moms would do that for us. And DD has been saying goodbye to her beloved dance teachers…. She cried all the way home from dance yesterday. I know she is still happy to move, and that she bounced back this morning, but it is not easy to see your kids sad. Even though I know saying goodbye is a part of life.

We still have over a month left before we move, with more goodbyes to come I’m sure. I’m trying to remind myself to just let the kids feel what they are feeling. And resisting the urge to try and make it better (which is a futile exercise anyway). This too will pass.

Now back to packing boxes.