dreams, challenges and flip flops


Here are a few random February thoughts for you, in no particular order. Warning: I don’t love February. Every year I think I am not going to let February get to me, and yet it does manage to get under my skin somehow.  This is totally stream of conscience   –  my random state of mind these days.

1. I am sick to death of driving in snow storms.  SICK I tell you! My knuckles are permanently white.  Between slippery Prescott Street and the Outer-Ring-Road-of-Death, I am absolutely done with driving in bad weather.  Done.

2. We talked about taking a vacation this spring but somehow nothing has been booked as of yet.  I am having fantasies of running away from Canada with only my flip flops and my iphone.  One can dream.

3. Parenting is HARD.  Supporting children to strive for their dreams AND at the same time making decisions that you think is right is really difficult.

4. Parenting is WONDERFUL. Among the challenges are such joyful, proud moments.

5. I love the Olympic fever that hits during the games.  Everyone gets patriotic, even those who don’t normally follow sports (like me!).  I love how an entire country backs our athletes. It is a wonderful energy!

6. Heating a house with oil is EXPENSIVE! Ouch!  I see that Harvey’s truck coming again and I want to scream! Come on spring!! I have switched to cold water Tide and have turned down the thermostats… any other tips for me?

7. My contract is coming up at work soon and honestly I don’t love the uncertainty.  I am trying to have faith in the universe while plugging away at the job search, but it is not easy.  I could use a few good vibes sent my way if you have any to spare.

8. My honey recently watched Blackfish and told me about it. I have decided that I absolutely cannot go to Sea World ever again.  I don’t even think I can watch the documentary, it made me so sad to hear about it!  It has even changed how I look at my dog.  I wonder is he happy?   Does that make me crazy???  Maybe February is really getting to me and I’m losing it, but either way, the dog is getting even more love from me these days lol.

9. Good coffee with friends is wonderful for the soul. Good coffee is awesome on its own, but add in some lovely friends and it is even better!


10 thoughts on “dreams, challenges and flip flops

  1. I particularly like your use of CAPS. I too shout a lot when I write and find it very effective to yell at my readers. It’s good for the soul…

  2. I agree with everything you said! In good news – 2 gold medals and Kev saw a cardinal today…spring is coming xoxo

  3. I wish we could meet for coffee Marlayne! You said it all! I am in a similar frame of mind…only 28 days till Spring 🙂

  4. Loving the olympic vibe as well even more fun to watch the game live and I llook crazy jumping and screaming alone in my living room lol but our atheletes are amazing with a medal or not!

    Hate winter . !!! Can’t wait for flip flop season!!!

    You’ve got all my good vibes left going your way. Merde in you search.

    Makes me miss you more but just love reading you now and then.

    Plein de bec en push push xxx

  5. Hang in there Marlayne! I imagine the driving is a bit tricky, with all those hills there. I too am a fair weather driver and am a nervous wreck driving in snow/ice. We too still have oil heat. If we could, we’d install a wood stove! Am counting the days until I can start biking to work again.

    1. Thanks Joanne, I think even getting to March 1, will be a good thing and it is not very far away! You will have biking weather a lot earlier than we will! Getting outside is also helpful even with all the snow and cold weather. Take Care!

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