lovin’ the loop


Guess what we finally did this weekend?  My honey and I made it to the Bannerman Park Loop for a skate!  Both our kids had social lives planned, so after we dropped them off at their respective activities, we grabbed our skates and headed to Bannerman Park.


As we were walking towards the park we saw the gates lit up and it was almost magical. The park was so lovely and bright, even in the nighttime! The shadows of the looming, stark trees added to the enchanted forest forest feeling!  The light posts reminded me of Narnia’s Spare Oom, which made me smile from the start. (note: The Narnia series is one of my favourites of all time!)20140208-161422.jpg

There is definitely an upside to all this cold – the skating surface was awesome. It’s not a really long loop, but great to get outside and enjoy winter as much as possible.  There were lots of kids and families and it got busier as we skated.


Can’t say enough good things about it. If you haven’t already, you need to get out and try it! To find out if the loop is open, you can call 733-5667.

2 thoughts on “lovin’ the loop

  1. What an enjoyable evening you must have had. Keep loving life Marlayne and all that we are given. You do this so well. Hello to all.

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