little adjustments part 2

You might have seen this post I did over the summer about some of the adjustments to living back in St. John’s after being away for so long.  Well, this is the second installment with some other quirky thoughts that have occurred to me since that post. I figured I would share.  Comment below to let me know what you think!clean-hunter-wellies

1. Any day that doesn’t have RDF (Rain, Drizzle & Fog)  is a beautiful day. I have totally adopted this attitude and I love it.  Just getting out in the fresh air, even when the sun is not shining, is fabulous.  I know I should be able to love the RDF too, but I’m not there yet.  Baby steps.  I may need some moral support come February/March.  I’ll let you know. Maybe buying a colourful pair of rain boots will help me? What colour would you pick?

2. Brace yourself for this one – it is superficial important. The hour and a half time difference is fooling up my television watching. TV and radio shows start on the 1/2 hour.  That makes any prime time tv shows late starting.  If a show normally starts at 9:00 ET, that’s 10:30 NT. For you night owls, that’s not a biggie I’m sure, but for me who can’t stay awake, it is a challenge.  I tried to watch Nashville last night (which didn’t start until 11:30) only to fall asleep 10 minutes in.  I woke up to the last 30 seconds of the show (which was a little surprising – did you see it??).  I should have just waited to watch it on the PVR.  Luckily, this is what my son would call a First World Problem, so I can deal.

3. People are super-aware of the weather and plan things around the forecast. Birthday parties will change, meeting spots are adjusted, all at the last minute. Much is dependent on the weather and people are used to rolling with it. I keep forgetting to check.  A friend said to me, “You ARE from here, you know this!”  Yah, I know it in my head, but keep I forgetting. Come to think of it, maybe this is just a me thing. Either way, I need to pay more attention.

4. Driving in Newfoundland is NOT like driving in Ottawa.  If the weather is bad, you have to stay off certain roads.  I have been in denial about this for a while but I just have to accept it. This is not a “mind over matter thing”. The wind has been so bad at times that I have felt like the van is going to be pulled off the road if I loose concentration for a second. The fog has been so thick I had to get my son to help me read the road signs. For real – I am not exaggerating.  Have I mentioned the moose?  I actually haven’t seen a moose since I have been back, but the reminders to Mind the Moose have kept me vigilant and cautious for sure.  Lastly (for now) some of the roads are dark and not very visible.  The Harbour Arterial is totally off limits for me at night because you just can’t see the road well enough (in my opinion).  Some of the entrances and exits off the Outer Ring Road you would never find on your own in the dark without prior warning. Oh my – winter is not even here yet.  Wish me luck.

5. There is nothing better than my nieces running towards me yelling “Mah-layne is here! YEAH!”  I mean really – is there anything better than that? Plus they are a never ending source of entertainment.   Click here for some entertainment. I have heard this song a LOT, but somehow it never gets old. I wonder how my sister feels lol.

6. The porch is INSIDE your house.  In Ottawa, and maybe everywhere else, if someone is talking about their porch, they are talking about the space outside their front door.  Here, a porch is the space inside your front door, as you first come in your house. My honey asked our son to move a box to the porch, and he put it outside on the front step.  That totally made me laugh since he just did what he was told.  Where is your porch, inside or outside?

7. I love this town. One of my facebook status a couple weeks ago was “I feel like Joel Plaskett because I love this town”. And I do.  Regardless of the adjustments, I’m so happy to be here.

10 thoughts on “little adjustments part 2

  1. Well you know my answer for the boots but I will say it anyways…RED of course
    must be super nice to have loads of family all around you, I sure miss that if I compare now to when I was a kid.
    LOL…porch was very funny…
    I wish you all the luck for your winter driving. Be safe. xxx

  2. Boots: must buy more than one pair. The first one’s I’d pick would be red, then maybe yellow.
    The entertainment: Doesn’t get any better than that!
    The RFD… Yup I spent 6 years of my youth in Victoria. Like I said, buy pretty and quality rain gear. Buy bright so you can be seen in the fog. lol
    TV rescheduled: Easy fix…. everything needs to be PVR’d.
    Roads… Not familiar with those issues but I did get pretty fogged in once on a road trip through Quebec. smudge pots beside the road didn’t even cut it. I recall getting out to read road signs. So, I’m sure it’s a force to be dealt with care. Trust your gut and what the heck… roll with it!
    One thing I know about you is you can roll with things. 🙂
    I’m enjoying your adaptation and can’t wait for your winter posts.



  3. I’d get a couple of pairs of rain boots – bright cheery colors 🙂
    I think I’d do very well in Newfoundland weather. Like LInda I lived in BC for 7 years and we had great rain gear. Made going out in the RFD fun!
    I agree with Linda – PVR everything. Maybe do the same as another friend of mine – she had 3 PVR’s because they tape a lot of stuff! LOL!
    I am terrified of bad roads so do me a favor and stay off of them. But if they become necessary to travel take your time and don’t mind the other drivers honking at you to get out of the way 😉

    Miss you lots but SO happy that you are home with your family!


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