girl’s night

Last Friday night I invited some girl friends over to see our place and have a visit. I used a Pinterest board to keep track of my plan.  There was only 4 of us, so I didn’t need loads of food, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t overdoing things and that I had a good mix.  Since I am a visual person (as most of us are) I LOVE that Pinterest allows me to see my plan at a glance and even link to recipes and notes.  If you want to check out my Girls Night Pinterest board just click here.20131026-114955.jpg

I love these little individual crudités cups – very colourful and fun to eat.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen these.


Another of my go-to appetizers is these caprese salad bites. The bocconcini is my favourite part – mixed with the basil and grape tomatoes – YUM!


I used dark chocolate to dip the strawberries. I melted white chocolate to “drizzle” over the dark chocolate, but it plopped more than drizzed lol.  Still delicious but not as pretty as the photo online .


I found this website and LOVED the signs she used.  She has free downloads – you can click here to find them and download them yourself.  So fun!  Below you can see the prosciutto wrapped aged cheddar.  Now this is one of my absolute faves to have with a glass of wine on the weekend and my family loves them too.  So I made a few extra and left them in the fridge.  The only issue is that I bought mint flavoured toothpicks!!  I didn’t notice Friday night, but Saturday night when we pulled out the extras, I couldn’t figure out at first, why they tasted funny.  Take it from me, mint does NOT work with this lol.  I guess I still have some work to do, to be a Hostess with the Mostess. (btw: the Leek and Goat cheese brule looks much nicer when it has been baked…. I took the photo before I popped it in the oven).


Did you notice my food signs?  I used the Stampin’ Up! Thankful Tablescape kit and the Chalk Marker to make them. So easy and they added a nice touch to the display! Click here if you would like to order one for yourself.


My lovely friends brought me some Champagne, Bagels from Georgetown Bakery and these sensational flowers from The Flower Studio.  I’m a lucky lady.


What is your favourite appetizer to make when you have company over?  Leave a comment in the blog comments to let me know. Christmas is coming and we could all use some ideas!

9 thoughts on “girl’s night

  1. Hi Marlayne, just to let you know, your Pinterest link is going back to WordPress for some reason – love the posts!

  2. Hi!
    I just came upon your blog today, I started reading and then had to go to the start. Your Story is my story, we have now been here in St. John’s for 4 years, having spent 22 in Toronto. My 15 year old daughter (who is also attached to a guitar) and 11 year old son have done exceptionally well with the adjustment. I still lament for my friends in Toronto and a few of my favorite food spots, but have not looked back. It’s been a great experience. Congrats on having the courage to make the move. I know it took some!

    1. Alisa I am so thankful to hear from you! Good to know we are not the only ones making these crazy changes. Best wishes to you and your family! How did you hear about my blog?

      1. Saw it on NL Blog Roll. I blogged for a bit years ago and still follow a few. Met one of my closest friends here through a blog! I am a NLer but had no connections to St. John’s so it was a big move for us. I feel our life has slowed down considerable. I hope it’s all you hoped it would be. The children used to ask to move back the first year we were here, after spending two weeks in Toronto this past summer a friend asked them if they would like to come back to stay they both simultaneously said no. The deal was sealed 🙂

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