thankful for thanksgiving

I don’t remember Thanksgiving being a big deal when I was growing up. But since I have been married, Thanksgiving is a holiday I look forward to every fall. Yummy smells filling the house, spending time with loved ones, setting the Thanksgiving table – all part of Thanksgiving wonderful-ness!20131014-181925.jpg

Since it is our first Thanksgiving in our new home, I really wanted to host the dinner.  Sister #2 was out of town (we really missed her and her family) but sister #3 and her family, as well as my parents, came over to celebrate with us.  The adults enjoyed some wonderful bubbly to start the evening!


Below is my cutie of a two year old niece who is a going concern. So busy and so fun (do you remember that busy stage?).  My six year old niece just loves to spend time with our children, especially our daughter.  Recently she said to her Mom, “Mom, now that they live here, I don’t have to miss her!”  Talk about warming your heart.


We made two desserts.  One was a Devil’s Food Cake – you can find the recipe HERE. The other is a Collossal Caramel Apple Trifle.  I found this recipe on the Ottawa Valley Moms website.  Although the recipe warned me it was huge, I had some difficulty altering it to fit my trifle dish, so we had some overflow. But was it ever yummy!


My daughter wanted to make the placecards, so she used my Stampin’ Up! stamps to create the cards and then added “thankful” themed quotes on the insides.  Some of the quotes were funny, and some were more serious. They were a lovely addition to our table! We took turns reading them out loud.


Do you cook turkey for Thanksgiving or do you like to eat something else? I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and a restful long weekend!

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