extraordinary, ordinary moments (the mary pratt exhibit)


A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriends and I went to see the Mary Pratt exhibit at The Rooms. I was knee deep into house painting and renovating and getting kids adjusted and I would not have made it out of the house, were it not for a reminder text from my friend. Am I ever glad for that reminder, because the exhibit was just incredible!

Mary PrattSmears-of-Jam-Lights-of-Jelly_MP_071_RGB

Mary Pratt’s work is truly astonishing. Many of her paintings are so realistic, they look as though they could be photographs. When you are viewing her paintings, it is as though there is a light shining behind them, illuminating them from behind. The jam jars was one of my (many) favourites.There was no photography allowed at the exhibit, so I found these photos online to give you an idea, although there is no substitute for seeing them in person.


WOW – it is so amazing to think of all the talent this woman possesses! Many of her works include tin foil, plastic wrap and glass.  It is just unbelievable how she is able to capture these everyday reflective items so clearly!

I found this quote on the National Gallery of Canada’s website talking about Mary Pratt.

“She began to experiment with the use of light to transform an ordinary moment into a charged theatrical scene.”



As I said, we weren’t allowed to take photos but I did sneak a photo of a description of her work. (Hopefully the Rooms “police” aren’t reading my blog and don’t ban me from the building lol.)


What really struck me was how stunning the mundane can really be.  We are surrounded by ordinary, regular, mundane things/experiences every day. I may not be able to paint or create like Mary Pratt, but I loved this fabulous reminder to stop and appreciate the beauty of simple, everyday things.

6 thoughts on “extraordinary, ordinary moments (the mary pratt exhibit)

  1. oh Marlayne, I was moved to tears at this exhibit…such passion and love of light. She wrapped her soul in her paintings. When she spoke her honesty and edgy opinions were as illuminating as her work. She has paid a big price to share her gift with the rest of us mortals…I wanted to knock on her door and sit and drink tea with her…she seems lonely but maybe that’s just me thinking that way. love your blog and am thrilled that you saw this exhibit…it should be at MOMA. What a privilege to have it at The Rooms….I loved the design of it and the art curator that did it has resigned, as have a few of the staff due to the cutbacks of recent months….lovely building, and it is such an important part of our amazing “glut” of artists, artisans, sculptors, etc.

    1. Lynne you are so right – it is such a privilege to have seen it. We really need to get you set up with your own blog (like we spoke about) because your writing and descriptions are so fabulous! Once you get back we will do that!

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