Fort Amherst & Silly Faces

The house closing took longer than we thought it would. The two other times we bought a house in Ontario – they both closed on the closing date.  Apparently that’s not how it always happens here and we ended up waiting an extra few days to get the keys.  While we were impatiently waiting one day last week, the kids and I took advantage of the extra time and took Rocky for a walk to Fort Amherst.20130828-172447.jpgFort Amherst is on the other side of the narrows from Signal Hill.  When you are standing on Signal Hill you can look across the narrows (the entrance to the St. John’s Harbour) and see the Fort Amherst Lighthouse.  You can see it from the Signal Hill side in this post about the Signal Hill Trail. See those concrete boxy structures on the rocks on the picture below? That’s where the canons were positioned during World War II.  You used to be able to walk down there but I guess they are not safe these days and the access has been fenced off. Those gun turrets are where my honey proposed to me.  When we finally unpack and I find our engagement photos, I’ll post a couple of them  That wasn’t yesterday!



The lighthouse is so striking and the colours just pop.  My son was NOT happy about getting his picture taken. After all he is 14 and can only take so much of me telling him to “Say Cheese”.  So I told him I was posting this anyway and he and his sister thought it was hilarious that I would put this on my blog.  Me, not so much, but otherwise the photo is awesome so I am ignoring the ridiculous face. I hope you can too 😉


Rocky was thrilled to be out with us. It’s also difficult to get him to smile on cue.


It looks like there are lots of trails that start at Fort Amherst. I have yet to explore them but hope to at some point. Right now we are totally into renos and painting and ensuring kids are adjusting to school.  So hiking is sadly not at the top of my list, but I will get back to it.20130828-172556.jpg

The walk to Fort Amherst is another one of those places that just make you so happy to be in Newfoundland!  So picturesque! Even when your models aren’t co-operating and making silly faces.


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