According to the ballerina in the family, Newfoundland Blueberries have more antioxidants than other blueberries.  Someone told her this and I, for one, believe her. I had forgotten how flavourful fresh Newfoundland Blueberries are!


On our travels last weekend, we came across several patches of blueberries and although we hadn’t planned on berry picking we just had to stop and pick some.  It was cold and damp, so our fingers were chilled and we didn’t pick the berries very “clean” but wow – were they ever yummy! Like I said, I had forgotten just how incredible they really are.


We were sorry we couldn’t spend more time and pick more – there were SO MANY of them!  Next time I’m bringing a bucket and I plan to fill it. Yum!

One thought on “antioxidants

  1. They are the best blueberries and picking berries is so much fun-some of my best memories are from berry picking! Enjoy!

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