this is 43


This week I turned 43.  43 looks like this.

– Pretty awesome.

– Lots of love and smiles.

– Warm and sticky hugs from little ones.

– Interesting viewpoints and perspectives from our two teenagers.

– A few more wrinkles and a few more pounds (not as fun, but true nonetheless).

– A great appreciation for our Newfoundland heritage.

– Gratitude for my wonderful sisters and parents.

– The blessing to be able to help my parents-in-law and for our children to be involved.

– Lots of things to still work on… patience and mindfulness and living in the moment.

– Pretty awesome.

Wishing you all love and light.

Marlayne xo

a lick and a promise in gem turquoise

This past weekend we were at my husband’s summer home in Hant’s Harbour. For lots of reasons, the house hasn’t been loved much in the last couple of years and now that we are finally home, we are so excited to spruce it up a bit and LOVE it. So much needs to be done, but we decided for our first weekend out, we would tackle something small that would help it look more loved :-).20130804-152723.jpg

We started with both front doors. One of them is a newer metal door, so it was no problem to paint, but the other one is old and not in great shape so we all had a hand in scraping and preparing it for paint.


How great to all be working on a project together.


The official name of the paint colour is “Gem Turquoise” and it just works. I am IN LOVE with the colour! I had to lobby the kids – they wanted to paint the door red, which would have also been fantastic – but I really wanted the turquoise. I can see so much potential for this house and know we will have fabulous times here. The kids have been exploring and taking photos and video. I will share some with you soon.



Hant’s Harbour is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. You’ll see lots more pics from here.

What do you think of my paint choice?


the edge of the earth


We went to visit a friend’s summer place in Daniel’s Cove.  We had never been there before and were looking forward to checking out a new corner of Newfoundland. You drive “Up the Shore” according to my DH and head toward Old Perlican in Trinity Bay and keep driving until you don’t think you can drive any more.  Then you find the dirt road and drive farther lol.


The day we were there, the weather wasn’t great, but I am so glad we went. I felt like I was at the end of the earth somehow. The ocean looked so vast.  I loved the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks over and over again. It almost feels as though you have gone back in time. If you click on the panoramic photo below, it will expand so you can see it better.


My honey and children were not deterred by the weather and went out exploring along the rocks and paths.


Nature is truly astounding, isn’t it? (Notice anything funny about this pic?)


They had a great time exploring this little edge of the earth.


whitehills trail

So hands down, my absolute favourite part of being here in St. John’s is the hiking trails. Well, actually, I guess my TRUE favourite part of being here is being near my family, but definitely the second best part is the hiking lol. My friend took me on a hike I had never done before and let me tell you, I will be going back!! Very soon!20130730-165718.jpg

You start the hike at the base of Quidi Vidi Lake (you have to drive around the lake near those big green storage containers) and from there you can park and hike up the hills. Apparently you can go all the way to Logy Bay – we heard it would take approx 2-4 hours, depending on how fast you hike. I would love to do that soon – but this time we only went to the top of the staircase. (I don’t know how to describe it other than that). We were probably hiking for an hour and a half.


You get a bird’s eye view of Quidi Vidi Village (so quaint) and the ocean. There were lots of boats going in and out.


It is not always clear where you are going on the path, and it would be easy to veer off the intended trail, if you weren’t totally paying attention. We tried to follow the East Coast Trail signs and any wooden walkways to keep us on track.


This is us at the top of the stairs feeling great from that fabulous hike!


The view seemed to change at every vantage point. I just kept clicking photos.


This is a panoramic photo I took with my iphone. Gorg.

I’m on the top of the wo-orld lookin’, down on cre-a-tion…..

Ear worm?


Looking forward to finding more trails. Stay tuned.

friday fare – the cafe at the rooms

The Rooms is located in downtown St. John’s and is the Provincial Archives, Art Gallery and Museum.  I am looking forward to taking the kids there sometime in August to see the current exhibit, but last week I had to settle for a quick visit to The Rooms Cafe to meet a dear friend for lunch. Please see my caveat about my food posts.20130725-173109.jpg

The photo below is of the cafe, but the sun was streaming in through the window.  Not so helpful for my photo – but lovely for lunch! See all those windows?  WHAT A VIEW!  Really, lunch is just secondary to that view.


Lucky for us, the food is also fabulous.  I ordered a quinoa salad off the Organic Menu.   It had apple and cranberries and a sesame dressing (I think).  I didn’t make notes of the ingredients, but it was so tasty!


My girlfriend ordered the Duck Confit Salad with candied hazelnuts, fennel, red onion, cherry tomato and grapes in a honey vinaigrette. I really wanted to order this too, but I guess two salads would have been a bit much 😉


Such a perfect place to have lunch.  Lots of parking and an incredible location.  I detoured after lunch to take a photo to show you the view.  I mean really. REALLY???  How lucky are we to be here. Notice how you can see the reflection of the blue ski and clouds in the floor.  I’m guessing that was not an accident.


I’m still awestruck every time I see the ocean. Do you think it will wear off in a few months?

I hope not.

little adjustments

We have been gone a long time.  And although we are both from St John’s, we have long adjusted to the Ottawa ways of doing things.  Here are a few funny details that have struck me over the last couple of weeks.

1. It doesn’t take very long to get anywhere.  I am so used to leaving my house at least 20 minutes before I have to be somewhere, I am having trouble adjusting to how close everything is here.  Growing up, it seemed that the East end, was JUST SO FAR from the West end, but in reality, it only takes 10 minutes to drive across town.  Driving between my sisters’ and parent’s houses, is less than a 5 minute jaunt.  So my 20 minute lead time is overkill almost all the time. I’m guessing I will eventually adjust.

2. You hear terms of endearment from complete strangers.  I booked a home inspection over the phone and the lady called me “Honey” at least 12 times.  She even called me “My Love” as we were ending the call.  She also fit me in on the day I needed, even though it didn’t totally work for her. God Love Her. (you also hear that a lot).

3. People talk a lot.  Unless I am hanging out with friends, I am a Get-to-the-Point kind of gal. People here like to talk.  And embellish. And talk.  This is a good reminder for me to sit back and take a load off every now and again and stop rushing. (I will find this challenging though).

4. I can’t remember how to get anywhere.  Initially, I *think* I know where I’m going and hop in the car to head out, but as I’m driving I realize I don’t really know how to get there.  I mean, given enough time, I would find it eventually, but I don’t have my routes down yet.  And I need a map to see how the Outer Ring Road works.  It’s not complicated, but my head is not around it yet. (pun intended).

5. “Dinner time” is noon. Okay I have known this for years, but I still always need clarification when someone tells me to meet them at dinner time.  “So you mean, noon right?”  “Of course noon – what else would dinner time mean???”  I feel like a mainlander.

6. Everyone knows everything and everyone. Pretty much every time I mentioned the location of our (potential) new house, the person already knows the house. Often this is how it goes:  “Oh yes, I know the house. I drove by last week. So and so lives on that street.” Too funny.

7. Beauty is everywhere.  From the bright colours of the houses to the deep blues of the ocean, this is a stunning place to be. Just awe-some.

By next year this time I’m sure I won’t even notice these things and will be totally re-assimilated. Thanks for reading my love! And by the way – who is your mother?  And what’s her maiden name?  Is she a Smith from Trinity Bay or Conception Bay?

Love it.