catching up

I think the word “busy* is overused. So I won’t tell you I was busy last week, but I will tell you my head was full of stuff. And for a little while there, I wondered if the house buying gods were conspiring against us, but I’m now hoping that is over (please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes through smoothly with our house purchase this week!) In among the crazy, we have still managed to do some fun things. So I have lots of fun blog posts this week to share!

The weekend before last was chock-a-block FULL of activities. I love that there are always so many fun things to do here in the summer. I’ll let you know in February if I’m still feeling that way.

The St John’s Farmers Market ( was our destination on Saturday morning. It runs from June 1 – Dec 21 and is every Saturday from 9-2 at the Lions Club. There were many interesting vendors selling everything from jewelry and crafts to food. I didn’t buy any vegetables. I haven’t been cooking much since we have been in our temporary location. We have been relying on pre-made grocery store salads these days for the veggie intake… sad but true.

Either way – I didn’t buy veggies but we did manage to snag a waffle from the waffle lady. Did you see the photo I posted on Twitter of my waffle?? Check it out – too delicious. We had just finished eating them when Shakespeare by the Sea started their show Shake It Up, which is a collection of comic tragedies. My 5 year old niece was enthralled with the show! Fabulous for kids and adults.


That afternoon, the “Psychobilly Cadillacs” (which is a band) had their 3rd annual Barnyard BBQ. This was our first time attending but was it ever fun. The band itself is so upbeat and happy with mostly a country/rockabilly vibe. People came dressed in the country theme (think pigtails, cowbow hats and boots) and they were serving brisket and honey badgers. (with lots of other food) The honey badgers were a drink, but since I was the dedicated driver, I didn’t try one. Reports were a little sketchy on how they tasted.

We had our son and a friend with us. The band was inviting anyone to perform in between sets, so the boys were scheming from the get-go to figure out a song to play. They settled on Say it Ain’t So by Weezer and convinced someone to play base for them. They did really well and were SO excited when they were finished.


Then as if that wasn’t enough excitement for the weekend, on Sunday afternoon we went to Bowering Park to see Honk the musical. It is based on the Ugly Duckling story and was a Best Kind production. I thought it was fabulous and both kids enjoyed it too.


So I’m getting caught up telling you about our adventures. There’s more to come this week so check back to the blog to find out about my parent’s anniversary, and our weekend visit back to Hant’s Harbour. Spoiler alert – there were some interesting visitors in the Harbour Saturday morning!

There’s no place like home.

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