the cabin (guest post by dd)

Today’s blog post is courtesy of my 13yr old daughter. She took all the photos and did the writing when she spent this past weekend with my parents at their cabin. Leave her a comment to let her know if you liked this post!


Hey itโ€™s me!

As you have probably guessed I am the DD of Marlayne and I am the guest blogger!

When I go out to the cabin in Trinity Bay, it is always such a nice feeling to be out and about with family. I always have an awesome time being out in the fresh, crisp air. The first thing I do when we arrive, is either go on the buoy swing next to the cabin, or go out for a walk on the beach. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous! This time, it looked as if the sky is reflected perfectly on the water.



Ever since we moved to Newfoundland, I have been anticipating a visit to the falls! It is a tiny little swimming (and occasionally showering!) water fall area. We go almost every time we come out to the cabin. Unfortunately, the first time we came out, it wasnโ€™t quite hot enough to go in! So this time I was very excited to go!!! It is always cold, and loud, but absolutely beautiful. We usually bring the shampoo (lol) but this time was just a swim!

nanaandkatie_edited-1 IMG_5158

After an awesome day, we finished with bologna and beans. We were planning a quick fishing trip but the tide was not right, so instead we went out for a quick walk on the beach to watch the sunset. It was really special! (And gorgeous)


Every time I come out to the cabin, I feel completely relaxed, and most of all, I feel special.

Home really is where the heart is.


11 thoughts on “the cabin (guest post by dd)

  1. Love, love the pics and the wonderful descriptions of your second home in Trinity Bay. It is to your credit that you have such appreciation for your place on this planet….you are precious.

  2. WOW!! All of the pictures were so beautiful. Will you show me where the swimming hole is next we visit with you guys?:D

  3. Well written and some great pix! We really loved having you at the cabin. It is our little piece of heaven and we are always delighted to share with you.

  4. Wonderfully written piece with emotion and beautiful pictures! The sentiment ” home is where the heart is”- so true. Keep writing.

  5. As always it was a joy for us to share time at the cabin with this weekend! I love that you can experience some of the joys that your mom experienced at your age! Love your beautiful pictures! Thanks for the motivation to get in that c-o-l-d water at the the falls! So refreshing!!!
    You forgot to add that you were also the Rummy champion! lol xo

  6. Fantastic pictures! Between you and your Mom’s blogs I SO want to move there ๐Ÿ™‚ Or at least visit ๐Ÿ˜‰

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