sea kayaking

When I realized we were going to be moving to Newfoundland, the very first thing I booked was Sea Kayaking.  DH and I did this many years ago and I really wanted to kids to have this experience. A few of my lovely girlfriends were able to join us with their kiddies so we were a group of 10.20130811-211215.jpg

I booked this with Stan Cook Sea Kayak Adventures ( and if you have a group of 10 or more you get a discount.  This is a family owned business and they are professional, yet warm and encouraging throughout the entire experience.  If you are going to be visiting St. John’s (or if you already live here) I HIGHLY recommend this! They operate out of Cape Broyle on the Southern Shore. Cape Broyle is such a protected harbour – it was so safe and calm with lots of interesting little areas to discover.


Our two guides were Chris and Claire and they did a fabulous job keeping the whole group together, telling stories about the different areas in the bay and engaging the kids. We saw waterfalls, went into a cave and heard stories about shipwrecks and tea houses.


We also saw sea creatures such as sea stars, jellyfish and sea urchins.  We even ate a little of an urchin.  Very fishy and sushi-ish.


Overall an AWESOME morning.  Now I want to go back with my DH and do the “Go and Tow” where you see more of the harbour and then they tow you back….  Not sure if that will happen this summer, but it is on my list for next year for sure!

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