little adjustments

We have been gone a long time.  And although we are both from St John’s, we have long adjusted to the Ottawa ways of doing things.  Here are a few funny details that have struck me over the last couple of weeks.

1. It doesn’t take very long to get anywhere.  I am so used to leaving my house at least 20 minutes before I have to be somewhere, I am having trouble adjusting to how close everything is here.  Growing up, it seemed that the East end, was JUST SO FAR from the West end, but in reality, it only takes 10 minutes to drive across town.  Driving between my sisters’ and parent’s houses, is less than a 5 minute jaunt.  So my 20 minute lead time is overkill almost all the time. I’m guessing I will eventually adjust.

2. You hear terms of endearment from complete strangers.  I booked a home inspection over the phone and the lady called me “Honey” at least 12 times.  She even called me “My Love” as we were ending the call.  She also fit me in on the day I needed, even though it didn’t totally work for her. God Love Her. (you also hear that a lot).

3. People talk a lot.  Unless I am hanging out with friends, I am a Get-to-the-Point kind of gal. People here like to talk.  And embellish. And talk.  This is a good reminder for me to sit back and take a load off every now and again and stop rushing. (I will find this challenging though).

4. I can’t remember how to get anywhere.  Initially, I *think* I know where I’m going and hop in the car to head out, but as I’m driving I realize I don’t really know how to get there.  I mean, given enough time, I would find it eventually, but I don’t have my routes down yet.  And I need a map to see how the Outer Ring Road works.  It’s not complicated, but my head is not around it yet. (pun intended).

5. “Dinner time” is noon. Okay I have known this for years, but I still always need clarification when someone tells me to meet them at dinner time.  “So you mean, noon right?”  “Of course noon – what else would dinner time mean???”  I feel like a mainlander.

6. Everyone knows everything and everyone. Pretty much every time I mentioned the location of our (potential) new house, the person already knows the house. Often this is how it goes:  “Oh yes, I know the house. I drove by last week. So and so lives on that street.” Too funny.

7. Beauty is everywhere.  From the bright colours of the houses to the deep blues of the ocean, this is a stunning place to be. Just awe-some.

By next year this time I’m sure I won’t even notice these things and will be totally re-assimilated. Thanks for reading my love! And by the way – who is your mother?  And what’s her maiden name?  Is she a Smith from Trinity Bay or Conception Bay?

Love it.

17 thoughts on “little adjustments

  1. I totally get #3, there are very few (and I do mean that) drive thru anythings here!! If you are getting a coffee, you go in, order a coffee and a pastry, and sit and chat with your friends, nothing is rushed here in Ireland 🙂

  2. LOL I went out for dinner the other nght and the waiter kept calling me honey and my love. He must be from Newfoundland haha. Definitely not a typical Ottawa thing, as you know 🙂

  3. Oh, my neighbour calls me “My love” all the time! at first i thought it was a thing peculoar to her, then I heard her mom, sisters and BIL use it and realized it’s a Newfoundland thing! and make sure you get the inflection right!

  4. Marlayne, your observations tell me that you are “in tune” with the moment …. we take our unique habits for granted….and I love your reminders. Thanks.

  5. Oh my goodness, Marlayne, we’re just getting back in town from vacay & am catching up on “the homing beacon”. My eyes were swelling up with happiness & the boys asked me why I had tears. What an exciting time for you & your family. Looking forward to reading your journey. Blessings, Amy, Mike, Emma, Malcolm & Liam

  6. It is very refreshing being part of the idiosyncrasies that the Newfies do/say unconsciously. Herb and I re-experience it every year and I just love it too. We are leaving in a few days for the rock and are really looking forward to it as usual. We may be in St John’s for a visit, I will look you and your mom up for a coffee 😉

  7. Hahahaha! Yes to every one of these! Lol…. I feel the same thing every time I go home for a visit. Who knew culture shock could hit you going home!

  8. I have wanted to visit Nfld (apparently I have relatives there) and you are pulling me more and more as I read through you posts. Visited a friend in NS this summer and were advised that we were CFA’s…..Come From Away 🙂 Love the laid back gentle life. I could get used to that.

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