fitting in a fitting


One of the first things we did before we even told the kids we were moving to Newfoundland, was research dance schools in St John’s. Since dance is so much a part of my DD’s life, I want to make sure we find the right studio for her. I spoke to a Director of one of the schools and *fingers crossed* it sounds like a wonderful place. DD is pretty excited to start. So excited, that the very next day after we arrive on the island, she is joining in with a summer dance camp. It turns out her pointe shoes are now too small for her. So I made an appointment at Brio for a Pointe Shoe Fitting (because we have time for that haha).

I had never been to Brio before – we have always bought K’s pointe shoes in Toronto, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But wow – it was a great experience! They have a huge selection and the guy that does the fittings was so knowledgeable. It took about 45 mins but he clearly explained why the shoes she was wearing were not good for her feet, what she needs in the meantime and what she will likely move towards in the future. So fascinating!



I missed her very first pointe shoe fitting – she was at dance school in TO. So I really enjoying being present for these things. We made a day of it.


A friend came along (I call her my “other daughter”) and we got to hang out and watch the process. We had lunch on Bank street and then popped by David’s Tea for some yummy tea and to see my other daughter’s Mom. Even though the weather was yucky, we had a lovely day.