atlantic vision

I had some requests to show pictures from the Ferry Ride from North Sydney to Argentia.  I thought I had taken lots of photos, but looking at them now, I’m not sure they are the best photos to describe the trip.  I think when we were finally on the ferry, we are all too excited to focus!  As soon as we boarded I could see that both kids were getting pumped and feeling like NFLD was SO CLOSE!


When we boarded the Ferry we checked out our cabin right away.  It was a tight squeeze when all four of us where moving around, but perfect for a one night stay.  Plus there was a bathroom with a shower, so we were happy campers.


You’ll notice that the photos in this post are different sizes. It’s because I am using photos from the Canon, and two different iphones.  I’m sure there is an easy way to resize them all, but I am running out of time for that today and wanted to post my update (that’s my excuse anyway).  The photo below is of me doing my quick blog post in the lounge before the ferry left the port and I lost my cell service.  It turns out there was WiFi on the boat, but I didn’t figure that out until the next day.  Probably okay I didn’t know sooner.


Do you know that Royal Caribbean commercial that talks about seeing the elusive smile from the family teenager?  Although Marine Atlantic is definitely not Royal Caribbean, it was exciting enough that I was able to capture this one in the photo below. One of the highlights of the ferry ride was getting to see DS play guitar in the lounge.  The guy that was playing was taking a break and let him sing and play two songs.  And me (who ALWAYS has my phone) didn’t have it with me this time to capture the photo, but you’ll have to take my word for it that it happened. BTW: Doesn’t my honey look handsome!


The crossing couldn’t have been calmer – you’d hardly know you were on a boat. I love that we took the ferry to Argentia instead of Port Aux Basques to avoid that 12 hour drive across the island.  Thanks to Marine Atlantic and The Atlantic Vision for a safe and uneventful ferry ride.


farewell to nova scotia





I’m trying to fit in a quick blog post before we leave port. We spent way too long waiting to board the ferry- apparently the ramp wasn’t working correctly and we were 2 hours late loading. We had lots of entertainment in the van though. The kids were practicing their set and made plans to get the whole family involved when we arrive on the rock. If you are a member of my family, be prepared to learn the words to “Who is at my Window Weeping” – the Hey Rosetta version please lol.

Thankfully we are here on the boat now, Rocky has been appropriately drugged (with the blessing of the vet), we located our (little) cabin and have found a place to get a diet coke. All is well. Tomorrow we will be HOME!

PS: We received a note from the lawyer that our house is sold as of today so we are officially homeless. Feels pretty good!

welcome to cape breton

We spent last night in Truro at another Holiday Inn where the highlight was supper on the outdoor patio.  The food was good, but it was just a great supper.  The weather was so lovely,  they were playing nice music in the background and there were patio lights that came on as dusk arrived.  Conversation was fun and the vibe was awesome.20130714-213147.jpg

We left the hotel around 9:00 this morning in search of coffee and from there started the drive to Baddeck on Cape Breton Island.  We crossed the Canso Causeway which links Cape Breton Island by road to the Nova Scotia peninsula.   We were happily surprised to see there were a LOT of whales playing in the Strait and showing their tails!  It was absolutely incredible.  There had to be at least 20 of them! I checked it out later and apparently they were pilot whales and there have been a lot of them this year.  I didn’t get a good photo, but what a way to be welcomed to Cape Breton! Whales and the smell of salt in the air!



We checked into our hotel here in Beddeck and enjoyed the afternoon and evening at the pool and managed to relax in the sun a little bit.  We had supper at the Bell Buoy Restaurant and after we were done, we walked around back to the water and spent some time just looking at the water off the wharf.


You could see jelly fish, starfish, crabs and fish, right off the wharf.  Very cool.  (Crabs can really move fast!)


We are all back at the Argyle Lodge, at the Inverary Resort, and thinking about the ferry tomorrow. I’m so excited about the Ferry. It means we are really going home. Home.



Migration Playlist

When we realized we would be doing a road trip, my honey decided we need to make a “Migration Playlist” to accompany our driving.  His rules were that we each had to pick 20 songs that would be part of the list and we weren’t able to tell each other our songs, so we could guess who picked them as we were listening to them.  He also decreed that only the person that chose a particular song, could decide to forward through it once it starts playing.

DD and I were both excited about picking our lists, but DS14 was not so thrilled and really wasn’t interested in participating.  As we got closer to leaving Ottawa, I finally pulled out my stellar parenting skills and told him he MUST participate. (I’m sure Barbara Coloroso wouldn’t have approved of my ultimatum).

When I checked the playlists I had to laugh when I saw what he named his playlist. His little protest on being forced to join in – HA! Plus he copied two albums over as his list instead of picking individual songs,  but hey – I can’t complain, he did make his list (although under duress).


It’s interesting to see the choices we all made.  I decided to make my list based on the Moving Theme.  Some of my songs I just added for fun and some because I love them,  but they all fit into my theme somehow. I have marked some of my favourites with *****.

1. St John’s Waltz – Ron Hynes*****
2. I Like to Move it – Crazy Frog (I wanted the Madagascar version, but I didn’t want to pay the $0.99 for it )
3. Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song) – Billy Joel
4. The Fortunate Ones – Ennis*****
5. Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane
6. Moving On Up – M People
7. Moves like Jagger – Maroon 5
8. Home – Phillip Phillips*****
9. Take Me Home Country Roads – John Denver
10. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros*****
11. Everyday is a Winding Road – Sheryl Crow
12. Changes – David Bowie
13. Shines Right Through Me – Great Big Sea*****
14. King of the Road – ( I used Randy Travis, since that is what we already had, but I  would have preferred David Wilcox)
15.  Homeward  Bound – Simon and Garfunkel
16. Rant & Roar – Great Big Sea*****
17. Ode to Newfoundland  – sung by Peter MacDonald and Ronalda  Hutton
18. Wide Open Spaces (Dixie Chicks)
19. Free Falling – John Mayer*****
20. Stop This Train – John Mayer*****
21. Country Road – John Taylor
22. Land and Sea Medley – Gordon Quinton

So I cheated and added two extra songs. Some of this list wouldn’t make my regular playlist, but I wanted to have fun with this one.

There were a couple from the other playlists, that I REALLY liked and didn’t know before.  DD had Gold on the Ceiling by the Black Keys – I love that song!  My honey also had Full Circle by Dark Eyes, which I also hadn’t heard before and that was also excellent.  Both will be added to my regular lists….  DS picked a Weazer album and a Death Cab for Cutie Album.  Luckily we all like these albums, but my favourite is probably “A Lack of Colour” by Death Cab.

Overall the playlist idea was awesome.  I don’t think we got through absolutely everything, but most for sure. A great way to add some fun and conversation to a long drive.

What are your favourite driving songs?

on the road

We spent our first night in St. Hyacinthe, just on the east side of Montreal.  The idea was to beat the Montreal traffic instead of facing that on Friday morning. And it’s a good thing we did – lots of construction. We started driving Friday morning and we took a quick detour across the bridge to Quebec City, but couldn’t stay…  Don’t you LOVE Quebec City?20130713-120247.jpg

Lunch was at a St-Hubert Express in Montmagny and DH did a conference call with the Free WiFi.  Check out my Instagram photo from the Bathroom of the St-Hubert.  HOLY ROOSTER! ( You can see my Instagram photos on the right side of my blog).20130713-120307.jpg

Friday night was spent at the Best Western in Edmundston. Perfect for families and they accept dogs. I think Rocky is getting used to hotels lol.



We are heading to Truro today.  DH hasn’t stopped raving about how excellent the highways are in New Brunswick.  He keeps pointing out how well they are made and how they are repaving roads that seem in great shape.  I have to say – it’s not something I get excited about but to each their own.


DD is keeping a journal and DS is trying to avoid the camera.  I totally get it but still feel the need to capture the avoidance.


It’s a beautiful day to be driving.  Thanks for all the texts and emails you guys are sending me!

memory lane (417)

Do you ever feel like you are watching a movie of your own life in real time?

We left our house in Stittsville around 7:30 this evening and I was at the helm of the family van, dragging the camper trailer.  My honey was working on his laptop in the passenger seat finishing up some loose ends from his day at work.   The kids were in their seats, DS with his guitar, and DD with lyrics saved on her ipod, ready to chime in on the singing.  Rocky was curled up on the floor, zonked after a day of playing with my girlfriend’s dogs.20130711-224050.jpg
I carefully pulled onto the Queensway and immediately felt like my movie reel started, à la This is Your Life. We passed the Canadian Tire Place (i.e. Scotia Bank Place/The Corel Building/ The Palladium).  Alfie first arrived in Ottawa 19 years ago too. Now he is leaving town and so are we.  19 years feels right somehow.

As I passed the ginormous IKEA, I couldn’t help but wonder when will be the next time I shop in an IKEA.  I don’t even really *like* IKEA that much, but somehow it is nice to know it is there when you need it.

Around this time, Matthew started playing guitar and singing Hey Rosetta’s New Goodbye. I’m not sure if he planned this timing or if it happened organically but the kismet wasn’t lost on any of us…

get your things
we’re leaving
when the morning birds are singing
we’re sailing

cause its time to go
what’s to come only fate can show
see her move like a toreador
wielding her cloak and sword


so we’re taking the boat tonight
we’re taking our aging lives
and we’re waving a new goodbye
our arms open wide
(wide and wide-eyed)


We passed the Metcalfe exit, near our very first apartment as newlyweds. Nineteen years ago we drove to Ottawa in Chris‘ two-tone blue Ford Ranger.  In 1994, within a two month time frame, we graduated from MUN, got married and moved our lives to Ottawa and a teeny, tiny apartment that would fit inside our kitchen and family room in Stittsville. We loved that apartment.

As we got closer to the east end of the 417, I had to concentrate more on the driving. There is lots of construction and towing the camper makes me a bit nervous. Before I knew it we were passed the “split” and on our way to Montreal.  About 5 minutes past the split, I could see the orange glow of the sunset in my rear view mirror. And instead of feeling like we were leaving so much behind, I felt propelled forward to a new start, a new adventure, a new beginning.

Adieu, Ottawa. It’s been a blast.

Game Day


Well, moving day is here.  I guess this is really happening lol.  We have been busy preparing for this day and at times it has seemed unreal that we are actually going home!!!  But this is pretty real. Now there is absolutely no denying it!  The movers are here and making quick work of our stuff.  They have rolled out the red carpet – I feel like we are at the Oscars. Except not.


The head mover guy just happens to be from Newfoundland (we Newfoundlanders are everywhere).  Apparently the moving company is doing more and more moves TO Newfoundland instead away from the island.


Rocky really doesn’t know what to do with himself.  The front door is wide open, but he is hiding under the table. 20130710-102059.jpg

Another step closer!