Migration Playlist

When we realized we would be doing a road trip, my honey decided we need to make a “Migration Playlist” to accompany our driving.  His rules were that we each had to pick 20 songs that would be part of the list and we weren’t able to tell each other our songs, so we could guess who picked them as we were listening to them.  He also decreed that only the person that chose a particular song, could decide to forward through it once it starts playing.

DD and I were both excited about picking our lists, but DS14 was not so thrilled and really wasn’t interested in participating.  As we got closer to leaving Ottawa, I finally pulled out my stellar parenting skills and told him he MUST participate. (I’m sure Barbara Coloroso wouldn’t have approved of my ultimatum).

When I checked the playlists I had to laugh when I saw what he named his playlist. His little protest on being forced to join in – HA! Plus he copied two albums over as his list instead of picking individual songs,  but hey – I can’t complain, he did make his list (although under duress).


It’s interesting to see the choices we all made.  I decided to make my list based on the Moving Theme.  Some of my songs I just added for fun and some because I love them,  but they all fit into my theme somehow. I have marked some of my favourites with *****.

1. St John’s Waltz – Ron Hynes*****
2. I Like to Move it – Crazy Frog (I wanted the Madagascar version, but I didn’t want to pay the $0.99 for it )
3. Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song) – Billy Joel
4. The Fortunate Ones – Ennis*****
5. Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane
6. Moving On Up – M People
7. Moves like Jagger – Maroon 5
8. Home – Phillip Phillips*****
9. Take Me Home Country Roads – John Denver
10. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros*****
11. Everyday is a Winding Road – Sheryl Crow
12. Changes – David Bowie
13. Shines Right Through Me – Great Big Sea*****
14. King of the Road – ( I used Randy Travis, since that is what we already had, but I  would have preferred David Wilcox)
15.  Homeward  Bound – Simon and Garfunkel
16. Rant & Roar – Great Big Sea*****
17. Ode to Newfoundland  – sung by Peter MacDonald and Ronalda  Hutton
18. Wide Open Spaces (Dixie Chicks)
19. Free Falling – John Mayer*****
20. Stop This Train – John Mayer*****
21. Country Road – John Taylor
22. Land and Sea Medley – Gordon Quinton

So I cheated and added two extra songs. Some of this list wouldn’t make my regular playlist, but I wanted to have fun with this one.

There were a couple from the other playlists, that I REALLY liked and didn’t know before.  DD had Gold on the Ceiling by the Black Keys – I love that song!  My honey also had Full Circle by Dark Eyes, which I also hadn’t heard before and that was also excellent.  Both will be added to my regular lists….  DS picked a Weazer album and a Death Cab for Cutie Album.  Luckily we all like these albums, but my favourite is probably “A Lack of Colour” by Death Cab.

Overall the playlist idea was awesome.  I don’t think we got through absolutely everything, but most for sure. A great way to add some fun and conversation to a long drive.

What are your favourite driving songs?

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