on the road

We spent our first night in St. Hyacinthe, just on the east side of Montreal.  The idea was to beat the Montreal traffic instead of facing that on Friday morning. And it’s a good thing we did – lots of construction. We started driving Friday morning and we took a quick detour across the bridge to Quebec City, but couldn’t stay…  Don’t you LOVE Quebec City?20130713-120247.jpg

Lunch was at a St-Hubert Express in Montmagny and DH did a conference call with the Free WiFi.  Check out my Instagram photo from the Bathroom of the St-Hubert.  HOLY ROOSTER! ( You can see my Instagram photos on the right side of my blog).20130713-120307.jpg

Friday night was spent at the Best Western in Edmundston. Perfect for families and they accept dogs. I think Rocky is getting used to hotels lol.



We are heading to Truro today.  DH hasn’t stopped raving about how excellent the highways are in New Brunswick.  He keeps pointing out how well they are made and how they are repaving roads that seem in great shape.  I have to say – it’s not something I get excited about but to each their own.


DD is keeping a journal and DS is trying to avoid the camera.  I totally get it but still feel the need to capture the avoidance.


It’s a beautiful day to be driving.  Thanks for all the texts and emails you guys are sending me!

2 thoughts on “on the road

  1. Stayed at THAT hotel in Edmuston! That’s where we drove to straight from the ferry. It was excellent! Keurig in the room, great pool! Glad your travels are going well!

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