bus dancing

My headset broke a few weeks back. I would plug it into my phone and the sound would still come out of the regular speakers instead of through the headset and everyone else could hear my music instead of me. I have used the headset LOADS, so they didn’t owe me anything but it took me a couple of weeks to get around to buying a new pair. So it was radio silence on the bus for a while and that started to get monotonous. Bored with my no music status to and from work, I finally dashed over to the Rideau Centre at lunch one day and picked up some new bad boys to rock out with.

When the tunes started on the bus with my newly purchased headset, it was like a novel experience all over again! The fact that I hadn’t been listening to music for a while combined with a few new music selections to get me grooving, resulted in me wanting to DANCE!

Now, I don’t know about your bus, but my bus is very quiet. Most people don’t even talk so it is very somber. And here I was listening to my new playlist on my new headphones and I REALLY wanted to stand up and groove out! I mean, I really wanted to just move. I’m not sure where this desire came from, but I was overcome with this urge to dance.

I would like to tell you I didn’t let my inhibitions get the most of me. And that I was like those people on Ellen that dance behind people’s backs or while waiting at a bus stop. But I JUST COULDN’T DO IT (that’s the anti-Nike slogan lol).

Instead, I am going to impart my “bus-dancing playlist” to you, in the hopes that If you feel so inclined – YOU can dance while on the bus, or in the mall or even in your kitchen (which is what I do).

Happy Dancing!!



**** word of warning****
I wouldn’t recommend you listen to the words or watch the video for Blurred Lines. Just listen to the music and groove. Don’t be hating me for lovin’ that song – dancing only LOL.

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