It’s Ribfest on Sparks Street and in all my 19 years in Ottawa I had never been. I walked by earlier this week not realizing that it was happening, and when I saw all the “Ribbers” set up with their barbeques, colourful huge signs, yummy smells and long line-ups of people, I decided to convince my coworkers to join me on Friday to test out some ribs. I mean, now that we’re leaving Ottawa, I may never get to do this again! (how’s that for justification? )

So Friday was absolutely gorgeous. The amazing weather, combined with the beginning-of-summer feeling in the air, made it the perfect day for an outside lunch break. There was a carnival feel to Sparks Street with some of the vendors chanting from their booths filled with barbeque smoke and sizzling sounds. The line-ups moved quickly and before you knew it, we were holding a container of yummy goodness and heading to the nearest bench to indulge. I tried the ribs and my coworkers ordered the pulled pork sandwich. My ribs were delish but I think I liked the atmosphere even better than the food. So fun!

If you have time this weekend and are hungry, drop by Sparks Street!









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