while I’m waiting…


I’m at Gaia Java drinking a cold coffee drink, waiting while there is a showing at the house.  I normally don’t like sweet coffee drinks.  They always sound like a good idea when I am ordering them, and then I get one and have the same reaction – too sweet (really, you think I’d learn, but I keep trying them hehe).  But this time I tried again -my first cold coffee drink since the warm weather hit – and I have to tell you I LIKE it!

It is an Espresso Frappe and the cheerful barista made it half sweet with sugar free caramel flavouring.  (I know, the aspartame will kill me for sure, but there you go). It is so yummy and not sickly sweet like I usually find these types of beverages.

There are worst things than having to hang out in a cozy coffee shop.  Life is pretty good.

And if you are a coffee lover, Gaia Java makes wonderful coffee – they roast their own beans!  Plus they are locally owned which is a bonus. Worth the trip to Stittsville.

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