something horrible has happened

This is one of my favourite places in downtown Ottawa. I started getting coffee at Cafe Delice in April, and it is delicious coffee!! I drink my coffee black with no sugar and having my daily coffee is a calming ritual for me.

I have always considered myself a non-picky coffee drinker. As long as I have a coffee in hand, all is right in my world- regardless of what kind of coffee it is. Well last weekend we swung by the local donut shop for a joyous large cup of jo, and I was shocked to realize I wasn’t enjoying it as per usual.

What is happening?? Am I becoming a coffee snob? Say it ain’t so! After all – we have a long drive to NL this summer and I’m guessing the donut shop coffee is what we’ll be drinking. Maybe by the time we get to St John’s I’ll be used to it again.

In the meantime I am going to savor every last delicious drop from Cafe Delice! Yum!

What’s your favourite coffee and how do you take it?

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