lovely lunch in Westboro


Recently I had an opportunity to go out to lunch with a friend and it felt like such a treat! I have wanted to try Petit Bill’s Bistro for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. The owners are from Newfoundland and they have won numerous awards.


We sat outside under the big red umbrellas and I ordered the Sea Scallops that were pan seared with butter, local maple syrup & bacon with an almond spinach salad on the side and OH MY YUM! So delish!


My friend ordered the Lobster Poutine – Lobster, shellfish butter & mascarpone cheese over fresh frites. Doesn’t it look fabulous!


We both loved our lunch and I think we each ate every bite. We just had sparkling water, but the wine list is apparently extensive at Petit Bill’s. If you are in Westboro with time for lunch, I highly recommend Petit Bill’s Bistro. I bet going for supper would be even better.

4 thoughts on “lovely lunch in Westboro

  1. I found your blog by looking up Newfoundland. I found this post and it brought back so many great memories. I was born and raised in NF but lived in Ottawa for 11.5 years. I lived for 6 years pretty close to Westboro. We now live in New Brunswick. I miss Ottawa and the sites and sounds of it everyday. I consider it my home. Good luck with the move back to the Rock. It’s a big move.

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