snowball cookies


My Aunt Grace made the best snowball cookies. I remember at Christmas time we would be visiting family and we would usually end up at Aunt Grace’s house where the highlight was eating her amazing snowball cookies. They were so moist and chocolatety and DELICIOUS and she never minded when we went back for more. Sister#2 was also a huge fan of them and Aunt Grace would sometimes send her home with some – which of course Mom made her share with us 🙂

My Aunt Grace was a strong woman who didn’t have things easy for her but had a lot of love to give those around her. I always liked that she spoke to us as kids the same as she did to adults. I never felt talked down to by Aunt Grace.

My Aunt Grace died this morning after being sick for months. Surrounded by her children and loved ones. She is no longer in pain.

Maybe I will go make some snowballs in her honour.



3 thoughts on “snowball cookies

  1. Nicely said, Mar! She was a very strong woman! She overcame many hardships! And she made some damn good snowballs! She’ll be missed!

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