technical frustrations

So have you used Microsoft 8? If you have, and you are in love with it, you’ll have to let me know why, because I am NOT in the love room with it. It has been installed on our home computer and every time I go to use it, I want to tear my hair out. Remember that video of the guy in the cubicle who trashes his computer? Well, I relate. The simplest things are so difficult and not intuitive. This morning before work I tried to print an email. PRINT AN EMAIL!! I’m not trying to change the inter workings of the computer, just print an email. I finally had to leave for the bus without said email. Sigh.


I liken Microsoft 8 to a big set of heavy theatre curtains. When I’m on the computer, it feels like I can’t see beyond the curtains. And where did the little x at the top right corner of my documents go? Granted I’m no technical whiz, but I’ve been comfortably using computers for quite a while but this confounds me. grrrrrr!

I actually own a Mac laptop that for the most part I like and is VERY intuitive. But even though the parts seem to be working fine, the hardware is so outdated that I can’t upgrade any of the software. So I’m stuck between an outdated Mac and a computer that makes me want to scream.

It may be time to take a deep breath and breathe. Om!

PS: i realize this post has absolutely nothing to do with moving or Newfoundland but I couldn’t help it!

2 thoughts on “technical frustrations

  1. Your resident IT guy – has just installed at start button on our windows 8 machine. For those other folks struggling with Metro aka “no start button windows” :). You can find relief by installing this little tool – Note: once installed under settings you can turn off notifications for pokki app store if you are so inclined.

    Ticket No. 1 Closed
    Please rate the service from Excellent to Most Excellent 🙂

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