on the lighter side


Since we decided to move I have been thinking of the things I will miss most in Ottawa. Now this does *not* include people – there are way too many people I will miss to mention and this is a purely superficial essential list of items/things I enjoy about our Nation’s Capital ;-). The very top thing on the list (believe it or not) is my favourite Vietnamese Soup- #211 at Pho Moonlight (on Hazeldean). It is SO delish and a bit spicy. Heaven in a bowl, really. How will I live without it? LOL

Pho Moonlight is our go-to restaurant and DD was shocked to hear there are no Vietnamese Restaurants in St John’s. I think we are going to have to learn how to make it at home, although I am not sure if my cooking skills are up to the challenge. I will have to enlist sister #3 to help with that 🙂 I’m SURE she can do it – she’s really good in the kitchen.

I have a lot of faith in her cooking abilities, but I’m not sure she can figure out how to make St. Hubert sauce???

11 thoughts on “on the lighter side

  1. Oh sister #3 has perfected some Thai recipes for the same reason and Vietnamese noodle soup can easily be perfected. 🙂 I can’t wait to spend time in the kitchen with you and your family! Xoxo

  2. Love it! And love that restaurant too. I will send you my recipe for Pho so you can recreate it :-).

  3. I just read your past couple of blogs and they are absolutely wonderful and spot on. We were only gone for 5 years but can certainly relate. Looking forward to your next post!

  4. Oh Marlayne, i will miss you!! However i totally understand the homing beacon as mine is shining brightly!!

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